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March 25, 2021: The Bright Lights Book Project Gravy Train

Ohhh, yesterday I was right about the impending storm. Woke up to the beginnings of it and dealt with it, on and off, all day. At first, what Pete called crinkly, Styrofoam snow – then the flaky stuff.

I remarked to him on the way to school that most people we know might toss out an off-handed remark about the conditions created by such weather, but for the most part, they just continuing to go about their business. Maybe this is because we (and I am including us in this mix) have too much to do, or to talk about.

I went with Pete to the college today. I was on a mission. I was planning on sorting through the Mat-Su Library discard books, and taking those that were reader friendly, to the Meeting House. We loaded up the truck with boxes that had piled up, and off we went.

The one good thing about getting books from VCRS (the recycling center) is that we have never had to deal with a scarcity of boxes. They’d piled up at the Meeting House, so it was good that we were able to re-use them.

One of the college librarians showed me where the books were. They were on a series of shelves and on two carts, next to the stairwell. And so, today I rode the Bright Lights

Book Project Gravy Train. I picked books off the shelves and boxed them up. I didn’t have to do any literary dumpster diving. Shit, the books had even been categorized.

The library was quiet because the students have been doing their schoolwork with the aid of on-lone texts. Outside, the snow continued to fall softly. I stopped every so often and leafed through a book. Sometimes, as usual, like when I found a book that really interested me, I gave out a yelp.

I was quiet about it, but I boxed up four boxes of old books – ones that I think will fetch a good price on ebay. I also brought home a few videos. I asked Bill, and he was in agreement with me, that we ought not go the video route. Dog knows what would happen then.

Pete met up with me after his class and put the boxes of books on carts and loaded them into the truck, which he’d parked under the entrance overhang. We dropped off books at the three distribution sites, then took most of the rest to the meeting house. While there, Pete suggested that we add more literature books to the Turkey Red Bookcase. I asked him why and he said this would look nicer.

Hmmm – it’ll be interesting to see if they go or if they continue to sit there.

Books, books, everywhere, and another Saturday sorting coming right up. I would like to have a book sale at the meeting house in the spring. However, with all this snow, spring seems like it’s still a long way away.

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