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August 29, 2021: Home again, Home again

Always, when I get back from a road trip, I turn onto Murphy Road, see the mountains at the distance, and immediately start to decompress. Dorothy, although short sighted about many things, was right when she said that there is no place like home.

This morning I woke up in a hotel bed in Homer, at the end of the Road. And this evening I am going to sleep in my own bed. I would have liked another night or two in Homer, at the very least. Someday, but with rooms at the Land’s End Resort going for $380.00, I don’t think this will be any time soon. Then again, I would have been happy camping on the Homer Spit.

Ninilchik tribal office

Another sunny day. We took the rest of the emergency preparedness goods and the boxes of books to the Homer Ferry dock, and then hurried to unload them because the ferry was leaving. We got two loads onto carts, which one of the deckhands rolled down the ramp and onto the boat. The ramp has these speed bumps on it, making moving loads quite difficult. This was not something our crew had to do.

We left our remaining load by the ferry dock office – it will go on the next boat to Seldovia. My one regret was that I was not on that boat. If I knew that someone was heading in the direction of Anchorage, I would have said goodbye to my traveling companions and taken off.

We next did a beach walk, Milena looking for wood sticks with which to make mobiles, and her son Orion working on a sandcastle. I helped him by digging a water trench. Chief Gary stood by and watched.

We got on the road at around noon – the cargo van is not a comfortable long-distance ride. Add to this, the two-and-a-half-year-old was giving her very strong lungs a workout. Good children, but I am not used to the constant high energy call for attention.

In between doing her childcare duties, Milena and I talked about the future of the Bright Lights Book Project. Her thinking is that, yes, there should be a building on the VCRS property, one for the project endeavors. She also is of the mind that this should be done soon. So I ran this by Pete when I got home, thinking that he would be opposed to this. I was (thankfully) wrong. He’s for it. So he is going to look into building specs and I am going to work on getting grants.

It would help if later in the week (not on Monday or Tuesday) it rains because otherwise I will be outside. And I do have to resume categorizing and distributing books.

I thought about all this as I was, this evening, riding Hrimfara. The hunters are out and about. Lots of road and trail traffic. It’s going to be a long month, for sure. But I can deal. I have a lot to do.

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