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December 3, 2022: This morning

This morning, rather than first ask Pete about the day’s plans, I instead asked him what he’d do if we got word that a meteor was to hit the planet at 3 p.m. tomorrow. At first he hedged, and then he said that some parts of the planet would be damaged more than other parts, meaning, perhaps we’d survive.

I then said that this was a huge meteor, and it would take the entire planet out. Pete remained deep in thought for about five seconds, and then he said that he would go for a walk.

Raudi and Hrimmi

This seemed to me be a very sane and sensible response. It would be the best thing to do. I agreed and said that I’d accompany him.

We then talked about what others might do. We agreed that there would be no sense in charging people for good in the grocery store or liquor store because given what was for sure going to happen, this made little sense. When Pete said that liquor stores would be emptied out, I replied that I would, if given the opportunity, purchase and drink as much Irish whiskey as was humanly possible.

We both speculated about the general public, who we suspected would remain glued to their television sets.

Well, it could happen. We are part of one of many, many, many galaxies. The universe is so vast that the unexpected could occur.

We don’t live our lives in anticipation of such things happening. We are born, we live, we die in predictable and unpredictable ways. Death and taxes, both are sure things.

I’m glad I got the day going by asking this question. I think, to add to what Pete said, that I’d go for a long horseback ride. I’d ride the white highway and be glad to have owned such fine animals.

Just in case, we did go for a ride today. I distributed books after Pete, Robert, Bill, and I salvaged books. We had a fairly large haul, which was what prompted me to distribute.

Done, and home, I pulled into the driveway and saw that Hrimmi and Tyra were both saddled. The sun, an orange ball, was at the horizon line. We got going after Pete finished giving the mares their water. It was an excellent ride. The snow is now just a few inches deep, and thus far we’ve kept the trails open.

The dogs were with us, and as always, they were glad to get out. The mares, though it was starting to get dark, remained calm. They also had a bit of pep to them, which was way fun. They enjoy cantering up hills.

We left Raudi behind because she still has a hole in her butt. I will begin taking her for walks in the next few days. I’d like to start riding her at the start of the New Year.

She knows the clean up routine, walks right into the small enclosure and eats while I stand at her head and Pete doctors her.

Animals are fortunate in that they don’t have much prefrontal cortexes. Consequently, the prospect of a meteor bearing down on planet earth never occurs to them.

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