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February 7, 2021: That Small Window of Time

I looked out the bedroom window at 8 a.m. It was light out. This meant that I would no longer need a headlight at this hour; that is if I hauled my lazy ass out of bed. It took me 45 minutes to get going – as usual, I wandered around, looking for winter gear.

It was light but cold, so I put on my Refrigirware suit. I generally wear it when the temperatures are in the single digits, and today was such a day. At least I wore it when I took Tinni for a walk, then when I rode Hrimmi. By then the temperatures were in the double digits, and so I did not wear it when I rode Tyra.

It was Stupor Bowl Sunday. We got out thinking that they all would be inside, glued to their televisions. Uh uh. The deal

Alys and Tyra pass the tin can on Tin Can Trail

is that there are now so many snowmobilers abusing our trails that there are bound to be some out there, even on a day in which the Boyz are head banging.

Pete and I could hear the snowmobilers when we were out on Raudi and Tinni. Then, later, when he went for a bicycle ride, he said he saw 15 or so, a veritable convoy that included little kids on miniature snowmobiles. Hmmm, get them to think that the supposedly uninhabited areas are playground when they’re very young.

Lovely rides on lovely horses. And finished before the temperature dropped.

I checked on Stormy who was waiting by the gate after I ate lunch. Oh oh, I sez to Pete; I sez that we are going to soon have goat babies. Stormy has bagged up and her vulva is red and swollen. And she’s so large in the middle that she can’t easily get through the shed doors.

So, I knew what was to come, which was why I sprang into action. I cleaned the goat pen so that if the babies are born tonight, they will come into this world in clean bedding. I also cleaned out the shed addition. And I cleaned the milking area because, otherwise, the milk could become contaminated.

The baby goats will be brought into the kitchen addition as soon as they’re born. I’ll milk Stormy and we’ll feed them from a special pail. This way they’ll be assured of getting their colostrum. This isn’t really fair to Stormy, but I fear that the babies won’t do well in single digit temperatures.

I hope that we have a few days before the big event occurs. But no time is a good time around here. We’ll just have to stop what we’re doing, whatever this may be, and make tending to goats our priority.

I say, it’s a good life right now. I sez to Pete that if I could bring one person back from the dead it would be his father who’s academic area of interest was The Good Life. I would have a lot of questions for him about this. At the same time, I would like to see if he really thinks we are living the good life.

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