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November 30, 2020: Goodbye November

I have decided that November is my least favorite month. The days get shorter and won’t be getting longer for some time. And the first snow of winter appears, meaning there’s more to come. The one saving grace is that November has 30 and not 31 days. It’s a short month for the same reason that February is a short month. If either month had any more days, most of us would crawl under the porch and die. This is what wise dogs do. Most of us aren’t that intelligent. I’m sure there are other options, and they’re worthy of additional exploration.

Today was an end of the month sort of day. It was overcast for the duration, which was about six hours. This made

Tinni and Hrimmi head in the direction of home

hauling my lazy ass outside that much harder.

I did go back over my bicycling essay. Christopher sent me his revisionary suggestions. I have some work ahead of me. I can do this. And really, there is no better time than now except for the fact that I can only work on my writing in the mornings. Later in the day is too close to the next day.

I have to now get out before noon if I am to spend time with all four horses. After, someone gets shorted. It’s hard to say who feels worse about this, me or the one left behind. Best just to change my ways.

Pete continued to give me an assist with Tyra’s saddle rigging. There are two long straps, and getting them in place is going to be time consuming and complicated. I just hope I don’t use this as an excuse for not riding.

I got Tyra out on the trail. The saddle did not slip from side to side. It did slip forward going downhill. Tyra let her displeasure be known by twice veering off the trail, into the very deep snow.

What to do? The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I am hoping that the saddle wasn’t far enough back, off Tyra’s shoulders, in the first place.

I next got Raudi out. It was then 3 p.m. and getting dark. We checked out Tin Can and Peaches’ loop, making note of the places in which the tree killers did their plundering. I actually was familiar with the trees that they hauled off.

Raudi picked up energy as we got closer to the main trail. I saw Pete and Shadow and Ryder, finishing up an afternoon ski, as I was heading in the direction of home. Raudi was momentarily uncertain, but once she figured out that her people and her dogs were at the distance, calmed down. We then had a really nice canter on Raudi’s Raceway.

I got home, put Raudi away, and then took Tinni and Hrimmi for a walk around the loop. I felt like I was being drawn and quartered as the younger mare forged ahead and the older gelding Tinni hung back. I finally let go of Hrimmi’s lead and let her go on ahead.

Tomorrow is December 1. December is a good month because the 21st is the solstice, the shortest day of the year. Then, thankfully, the days again get longer.

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