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November 8, 2020: A Conversation with Tinni

Alys: Tinni, how are you doing?
Tinni: So-so.
A: What’s the matter?
T: I’m all right. I’m just so-so.
A: It’s partially the weather, right?
T: Yes.
A: It is pretty wretched today; the snow is one thing, but rain on top of it. Yeech.
T: Yeech is right.
A: Well I am going to make you feel better.
T: How?
A: For starters, I’m going to toss a few of these packer pellets into your hay pile.
T: Thank you.
A: Next, I’m going to put a blanket on you.
T: Good, very good.
A: And in just a few minutes, Pete’s going to give you some probiotics.
T: Ohh, because my poop is loose?
A: Yep. I am thinking that this came about because you ate your bedding.
T: The straw, it was something to chew on.
A: You got it ass backwards. You are supposed to lie on it.
T: If you set out more, I can also lie on it.
A: No, I can’t risk having you get any sicker.
T: Well, thank you.

Tracks on the trail

A: I am also going to scoop the slush and ice out of your pen, into the sled, and then empty the sled in the yard.
T: This won’t do much for me, but thank you.
A: I guess this scooping is an excuse. Me, I get to hang out with you.
T: Look, the mares. They’ve all left the pen and are now in the yard.
A: Yes, I know. I left their gate open so that they might run around a bit.
T: They won’t go far.
A: I know. Just over to the adjacent hayshed.
T: Where they can reach through the slats and get some hay.
A: They are very greedy girls.
T: Yes, especially Raudi.
A: I think Hrimmi has her beat.
T: They’re both food obsessed.
A: And Tyra?
T: She thinks she’s food deprived. The other two are pretty adept at running her off at feeding time.
A: You see a lot from the vantage point of your paddock, don’t you?
T: Yes. Fortunately there is just this wide gate separating the four of us, so we are able to converse.
A: Look. There’s Shadow.
T: She likes riding on my back.
A: Do you mind having her ride on your back?
T: Yes and no.
A: Yes?
T: She has very good balance.
A: And no?
T: She’s so young. I fear she might hop off my back and hurt herself.
A: I’m going to continue to keep a close eye on her.
T: Are you going to teach her to ride any of the others?
A: Nope. She’s your ride.
T: I’m out of hay pellets. Would you please give me some more?
A: Are you sure these aren’t what’s making you sick?
T: Nope. Let’s say it was the straw.
A: I’m heading back up to the house now. Are you feeling better now that you are blanketed?
T: Yes.
A: Tonight, before I go to bed, I will put a dry blanket on you.
T: Thank you. Before you leave, you might want to round up and put away the mares.
A: Will do.

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