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November 4, 2020: The Joy of Joy

I managed to stay at the center most of the day today. What kept me there was thoughts on the subject of joy. The presidential election still has not been decided, so I suspect many are still on edge. In thinking of this, I thought, today I need to do things that bring me joy. Then I thought further about this, and I realized that Adolph Hitler may have said the same thing, this being a justification for his exterminating so many Jewish people. I then expanded upon my original thought, which in my head read: Do things which bring you joy and don’t inflict mental or physical pain on yourself, others, animals, or the environment.

Shadow and Ryde on Tinni

I soon foresaw that I would not be experiencing joy by doing as many chose to do today, which is sitting around glued to the television news channels, radio, or social media connections. Every so often, when inside, I checked in on the New York Times website, but I most definitely did not tune into the mind numbing mumble jumble of common taters. By the way, common taters are potato heads. I was right to think that this would be a waste of time.

I got outside in the early afternoon; the sun was already low in the sky. It then occurred to me that what brings me the most joy is my participation in what my sister calls the K.A.M.P. program, which is Keep Alys Moving Program. I have to spend at least a part of my day in motion; otherwise, I feel like the day’s a waste. More importantly, movement is both invigorating and soul cleansing.

Sometimes, like today, I am slow to get going. The animals now provide me with a ready excuse to get out. And, they who also enjoy being on the move bring me great joy. Today, Shadow again rode Tinni. And Ryder came with when we got to the trails. The dogs bounded around and Tinni followed contentedly behind me. The temperature was in the teens, the sun was shining brightly. And, of course, I felt great joy.

Shadow rode home on Tinni, and after, I parked him next to the picnic table. Both Ryder and Shadow took turns, jumping on and off his back. Yes, a good time was had by all.

I next worked on taking down the October and setting up the November agility course, in the Playground of Higher Learning. I then took great joy in thinking about how I’m going to assist the ponies in figuring out how to negotiate the various obstacles. This month, they have to stomp on balloons and break them. This, I am now realizing, isn’t going to be that difficult. I’ll first come up with some fun games, perhaps having them chase and break balloons. I’ll then teach them to put their respective left and right feet in a feed bucket, then put balloons in the bucket. Way fun.

Pete got home as I was setting up the curtain obstacle, and we went for a walk in the woods. We were joined by Tyra and Raudi and Shadow and Ryder. Again, I felt great joy in seeing all these animals enjoy moving about.

Tomorrow will be another day. I would not mind a duplicate of today.

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