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October 31, 2020: Halloween

Always, from now on, at least in our lifetimes. There will be three distinct timeframes; that is, the time before, during, and after the Covid 19 outbreak. Now, reading about any past group gathering, I think, how different it was then when you could, without fearing about becoming virus ridden, ride on a bus, eat out in a restaurant, attend an academic conference, or go to a movie, concert, or art gallery. Not now, and not for the foreseeable future.

I have never been super social, so I have not been affected to the degree that others have been. I also enjoy being outside. If it so happened that one caught the virus from hanging out amongst birch trees, I’d

Shadow climbing on to Tinni

be a goner. It is fortuitous for those like me, who thrive on being outside, that there we don’t have to worry about contacting this illness.

Today was the sort of day in which, because I was outside, I was able to put my virus concerns aside. The temperature hovered around 1O˚F all day. I was out seven hours. My Refrigirware suit and Steger mukluks kept me warm all day. I cleaned the horse pen, worked inside for a while, then went back outside. My friend Terri arrived shortly thereafter. She parked her horse trailer across the street and then unloaded her new horse, Dinni. I was, at that moment, walking Tinni who had Shadow on his back.

Terri came over to visit, but at the same time to test out our Synergist saddles before making her final purchase. Dave and CJ in Wyoming will soon be putting together her custom saddle. So she tried Raudi’s two saddles (one belongs to Pete and one belongs to me) Tyra, and Hrimmi’s saddles.

Terri rode Dinni numerous times, while riding in each saddle. Her verdict was that Raudi and my saddle fit her the best. The saddle minutia went on for a few hours, none of it really is worth repeating. Suffice to say that we all learned a great deal about saddle particulars. I will be sending Tyra’s saddle back to Synergist next week, with some specifics as to how it might ultimately fit me better.

Terri left and Pete and I saddled Raudi and Hrimmi and went for a ride. We also took the dogs with us. Shadow’s now being able to safely accompany us means that we can take two dogs and two horses out simultaneously. This means that I now can do fewer outings, which down the road is going to be a time-saver.

Raudi just keeps doing better and better. She now is the horse I dreamed of having, so long ago. We did several nice gallops through the woods. The birch trees looked on in approval as we raced past.

The sun was low in the sky when I next took Tinni for a walk in the woods, then Tyra for a walk around the loop. I barely had time to get the evening chores done before it was dark.

I went back inside, after being out seven hours. Indeed, it’s a good day when I don’t have to protect myself, by wearing a mask.

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