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January 24, 2020: A Conversation with Hrimmi

Our conversation began as we stepped off of Sybarite Road, onto our trail system and ended as we stepped off our trail system onto Murphy Road. In between, it was a slog because the blowing snow had filled in the trail.

Hrimmi: Why are we taking the trail? I would much prefer to walk on the road and go around the loop.
Alys: Why?
Hrimmi: Because it’s easier.
A: Is easy the best option?
H: Today it is.
A: I agree with you. But look, Tinni and Pete and Ryder are already a ways ahead of us.
H: If we turn back, maybe they will turn back.
A: I don’t think so. They’re booking.
H: Look at Tinni go. He’s really enjoying himself.
A: Yes, he’s feeling good.
H: For a while he seemed out of it.
A: That’s because he has Cushing’s Disease. Dr. Kaiser got him on the right medications.
H: Tinni says that he likes the taste of what he’s being given.


A: I’m glad. I’d hate to have to be giving him something he doesn’t like.
H: I would like a treat. Right now.
A: Here you go. Thank you.
H: Can I have another?
A: No.
H: I hate the word no.
A: How about, I’ll give you another treat later?
H: That’ll do.
A: Look, up ahead, at the white mountains against the blue sky. And behind us, the dark trees against the orange sky.
H: The color spectrum for horses is narrower than it is for humans. But it is still quite beautiful.
A: How do you know this?
H Tyra figured this out and then explained it to the rest of us.
A: I’m not surprised.
H: She’s interested in this sort of thing.
A: What are you interested in?
H: Finding ways of maintaining peace within our small herd.
A: Really.
H: Yes really. I’m what Tyra calls a mediator.
A: Yes, and you do a really good job of it.
H: I just want for us all to get along.
A: It’s less stressful this way, isn’t it?
H: Yes. We live in a small enclosure, so there is no walking away from conflicts.
A: Yes, I know. And if I could give you all anything, it would be more room to move around. I so badly want for you all to have access to a large pasture.
H: Like the one that Signy, my dam was telling me about. She and her Colorado herd had a lot of varied acreage. There were hills, and trees, and trails to walk and run around on.
A: And obviously, inadequate fencing.
H: Yes, there was that. Signy went into season and walked right over a downed fence and spent an evening with Skor, and that is when I was conceived. At least this is what I was told.
A: She got it right.
H: And you took her on a long trip and brought her back to Alaska. And a few months short of a year later I was born.
A: And we named you Frosty Traveler aka Hrimfara because you traveled with us.
H: This is a very good story. Is it really true?
A: Yes, it is.
H: You know, I know you feel bad about our not having most pasturage. But it isn’t that bad. You do get us out, and you do spend time with us, and you do make sure that we always have fresh water and hay and supplements.
A: And we do trips together.
H: That’s the best part. When are we going to do another long trip?
A: The summer after the one coming up.
H: I already am looking forward to this.
A: Me too Hrimmi, me too.

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