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August 13, 2020: Shadow’s Dog Blog

Today Ryder turned over her dog blog to me, saying that I can give the report, for now. This means that she’s going to want to resume doing it. I asked her why she wants me to do this, and she said that some youthful energy will better attract what Alys is most hoping for, more readers.

So I will do my best. There is always so much going on here that figuring out what to mention is going to be quite difficult. Undoubtedly, if I ask, Ryder will help out.

Yesterday, Pete purchased some knee bones. I don’t know what they’re made of, but boy, Ryder and I think they’re the best. We ate ours side by side, next to

Ryder and Shadow

Pete, on the kitchen addition dog bed.

Alys and Pete’s friend Bonnie came over today and brought Ollie along. Ollie is an older dog, a terrier mix, called a border terrier. Apparently, he grew up in an Alaska village and had to fend for himself. This was before Bonnie got him. I raced around with him in the yard this afternoon – I’m nearly as big as he is – and we had a good time.

We went inside and I laid next to Pete and began chewing on my bone. Ollie came over to see what I was gnawing on and saw I had a bone. He got really angry when I would not give it up and snapped at me. If I hadn’t jumped aside, he would have ripped my left ear. I have never before had to deal with this kind of behavior, and I hope that I never have to deal with it again. Alys was very empathetic – and Pete wondered if I’d ever trust another dog again. I tried, in my own way, to let them know that this was no big deal.

Shortly thereafter, Alys and Pete took me to Better Companion, where they’d signed me up for Puppy 1/preschool classes. Unfortunately, the first class was for our owners. Alys told me that 20 minutes per class will be devoted to puppy play time, so I can hardly wait. I so enjoy playing with other dogs. This is going to be great fun. I already know sit, heel, stay, and come, so this class will be a breeze.

I’m still not completely housebroken. Alys and Pete have me on a schedule and are taking morning and evening walks with me, so I am doing quite well at pooping and peeing outside.

I can’t complain. Ryder is finally warming up to me. And I sleep right next to Pete’s side of the bed. Alys’s side has a wall and a windowsill full of books.

I am so glad that Pete decided not to crate train me. I heard from Ryder, who also has never been in a crate, that some dogs have to stay in their cages when their owners go to work. Sometimes this adds up to 40 plus hours a week. I replied that someone needs to call the human society and lock them up.

Life really is good here. I hope that my eight siblings fared as well as I did.

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