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July 3, 2020: I want to Take a Nap

This is the statement that came to mind repeatedly during the course of this day. I was sorely tempted to take a snooze in between doing things, like after I finished my Hatcher Pass article, after lunch, after I split two cords of wood, after I took Tinni out on the trails, after I set up the agility course, after I went for a horseback ride with Pete on the trails, after I played with puppy, and after I took Raudi out on the trails.

Phew, it was odd to have so much to do because the day went by so slowly. It felt all day like I was wallowing in quicksand. This was because it was quite warm today. And it did not cool off in the late afternoon, like it usually does.

Ryder plays with Shadow

I have an odd feeling that we may be in for a lengthy hot spell. Once again, we could use some rain. Not a lot, we don’t need no monsoon; say, a cooling rain in the evening, a few days a week.

The woods are a bit cooler than the stead, but there are far more mosquitoes out there. They are the rapacious sort: they move in fast, insert proboscis, and start sucking blood. I put the highest concentration of DEET spray we have on the horses and on me – the mosquitoes here love the stuff. Can’t get enough of it. I know, I know, the stuff is carcinogenic. Very discouraging. Have never before seen mosquitoes this bad, here. And I’ve never had to deal with them out on the trail.

I’ve obviously settled back into the summer routine. It’s hard for me to believe, but my summer trip is now just half over. Uprooting myself and heading out the door is going to be quite difficult, maybe even more difficult than leaving Fairbanks. Now, thinking back, I’m kicking myself for not having stuck around there for a few more days. There’s a lot to see and do.

I’m hoping that another bicyclist materializes and rides with me to Valdez. Someone with a good sense of humor who enjoys traveling at a moderate pace.

I’d also like to have company on the upcoming horseback riding portion of my trek. I think that I’ve nearly talked Pete into accompanying me. We’ll ride to Mile 58, he’ll load the horses into the trailer, and I’ll then get on the Glenn Highway and head to Valdez.

I’m concerned about heat. My lower lip is badly blistered, and this was just from two days of cycling in the sun. It hurts something awful. Pete went to the store and got me some Lidocaine – it hurts to put it on – and it numbs the affected area, in this case my lower lip, for a short while. I told someone that it felt like cocaine and they looked startled.

For years I’ve been seeking the essence of summer. Won’t find it here in Alaska because there are no crickets, no skunks, no white hot dogs. Guess I’ll have to return to the Lower 48 in order to find it.

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