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June 26, 2020: Do It, Just Do It, Just Do it, Damnit

So far, this has not been the leisurely fun trip that I’d thought it would be. I should have looked harder for a doppelganger, like Bill Bryson’s Steve Katz. I instead opted to travel solo, and so have been more focused on the rain, headwinds, semi traffic, and hills.

I came over Broad Pass yesterday so thankfully I am now on the downside of the Alaska Range. The climb on the other side was gradual, so I thought that I simply was getting old, and therefore in general having a tough time of it.

I’ve now used nearly every item that I’ve brought with me, today now including my sunglasses and the Tee-shirt Eleanor gave me, the one that reads “Always take the Scenic Route.”

The Igloo never actually became a hotel

Today I checked out the Veteran’s Memorial and Breyer’s Lake Campgrounds. Paved, no grassy areas. And the water fountains have been shut down. What gives? I filled up on water at the Beyer Creek Lodge – the woman who was co-owner was very accommodating – these individuals usually are if all you are asking for is water. I have learned on this trip that if you ask for a reasonable price on a tent site that you will be less well received.

A truly wonderful ride this morning because the traffic was seemingly non-existent. The semi traffic was mainly between Fairbanks and Denali. Now its car, in-state tourist traffic. The cars would pass in a woosh and then I’d again have the road to myself.

Came to the second construction site, was told by a smiling non-masked flag person that I would be able to bicycle it. This woman was really nice, upbeat, personable, talkative. Had two dogs, a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever, in the rear of her vehicle. She said the gate was makeshift, and if they wanted, they could push it over.

A trucker came through and tossed her two energy bars. She gave one to me. I stashed it in my bag for later. It was as the Pilot Car came down road that we exchanged names. Small world, it was Haley, the woman who so many years ago was the flag person on nearby Buffalo Mine Road. Neither of us could believe it. She said she’d be working on Pittman Road in August – I said I’d come by and say hello.

I didn’t expect to make it to Trapper Creek. However, I knew I was in the vicinity when I passed by the sign that read Great Pizza. I then made a mental note to return and to order one. I soon discovered that my destination, the Trapper Creek Lodge, was no more. Rather, in its place was a Three Bears grocery store with all the amenities including a campground. I shelled out the $20.00 and purchased some groceries.

The site was okay. Only one RV site was occupied, so I had the place to myself. Tent site, okay. Pleased to find picnic tables under an octagonal shelter. The phone plug in was above a burl post. I called Pete and told him that I was again in range. The only drawback was that the showers cost money. What gives? I cleaned up in the adjacent bathroom. Grr, grr, grr.

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