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June 6, 2020: A Conversation with Tyra

Two firsts for Tyra today. First of all, Pete rode her. And secondly, she went out with Tinni. I rode him. We all rode on our trails.

Alys: Tyra, a big day for you here.
Tyra: It seems like, now, every day is a big day.
A: How’s that?
T: You keep coming up with new challenges.
A: Such as?
T: Either you find new routes on the trail or we go farther.
A: You okay with this?
T: Yes. What I most dislike is being left behind when the others go out.
A: We have to ride in shifts because there are four of you and one of me.

Tyra drinking out of the water obstical

T: I think you should take me out first and last.
A: How was it with Pete riding you?
T: Different than when you ride me.
A: How so?
T: He’s a lot calmer than you are. And not as focused on looking for the gift of a good ride.
A: Would you like for him to ride you again?
T: Yes. But please remind him to use his breath when he wants me to move out. I know what to do and this works well.
A: And about saddle fit.
T: Well, when Pete rode me, he used Hrimmi’s saddle. It fit quite well.
A: Your saddle?
T: It shifts to one side or the other. I then have to struggle to keep my balance.
A: Well, tomorrow when I ride you, I will use Hrimmi’s saddle.
T: And oh, another thing.
A: What’s that?
T: I would like to get out on some differing trails. Last summer was so much fun. Nearly every day we went someplace new.
A: Yes, but there was that long trailer ride to contend with.
T: It wasn’t that bad. It did have some moments, like when we drove through the road construction areas. It was bumpy and dusty.
A: But is the long trip worth it?
T: I think so.
A: Are you getting enough exercise?
T: No.
A: Any other requests?
T: I would like for us to get some pasture time this summer.
A: And I would like for us to move to a place where you all could be on pasture 24/7.
T: You mean this?
A: I do.
T: And then Raudi could have her baby?
A: I’d see what I can do.
T: Buckwheat told me you have horse magazines in the outhouse.
A: Yes. He paid me a brief visit. Dressage Today and Horse and Rider.
T: Did you learn anything new?
A: Horse and Rider is not a very good publication. It promises good articles on the cover, but they end up being brief and overly general.
T: And Dressage Today?
A: Excellent publication. Well worth the extra time it takes to read the longer articles.
T: Raudi has told me you used to read to her. How come you don’t read to us all?
A: I will resume doing this. Do you all like it when, after I clean your feet, I circle your legs?
T: Yes.
A: And agility?
T: The seventh obstacle. It’s a problem.
A: Oh the obstacle where you have to walk counterclockwise around a barrel, then go back the other way.
T: I don’t get it. Raudi doesn’t get it. And Hrimmi doesn’t get it.
A: I will find another way of explaining how this should be.
T: Thank you.
A: You are quite welcome.

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