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May 30, 2020: Unrest

Unrest. Means a state of being opposite of being rested. My definition. I don’t need Webster’s Dictionary to define common terms although I often refer to it, often to see how my definition differs from/complements the in-print version.

Unrest is a word that repeatedly came to mind today. Outside, the sky grew progressively darker as the storm clouds rolled in. There has been some rain so far, mostly a light drizzle. The overcast conditions make the much-appreciated greenery appear to be iridescent. The ferns are the most iridescent of all.

Here, at our place, it is hard to believe that, right now, there is so much unrest in our country. It has been a quiet, mellow day. I pretty much finished up my cabin project – there are odds and ends that I can and will deal with as time allows. I wrote a poem. I also looked at some

Homemade pizza for dinner

gardening philanthropy grant websites for Becky, the head gardener at the Alaska State Fair, and passed the information on to her. She’s feeling low about the cancellation of the Alaska State Fair.

Pete worked inside in the a.m. when I was down in my cabin. Then he worked on the garden, among other things putting up a wood and wire fence for the peas. Together, we planted cabbages and broccoli, and also potatoes.

A home-based garden is good thing. It’s a wise idea, eating home-grown organic produce. Eating fruit and vegetables grown on a CSA site is also a good idea, but what we are doing is one step better.

We got out for a short ride on our trails, I rode Tinni and Pete rode Hrimmi. Both horses, but especially Tinni, were glad to get out. I have been riding him alone – he really enjoyed being in Hrimmi’s company. She’s his favorite.

Unrest. You would not know it here, but we are living in very troubled times. Today, people, everywhere, even in Anchorage, were protesting the death of George Floyd, who was murdered in a very horrific fashion by a policeman.

I am glad that I don’t watch television because I would right now be angry. It is of course important to know that such things are going on – but obsessing about them is not a good thing at all. You do this and you become deranged.

This reminds me of the spring/summer of 1968 and the war-related unrest. Most either don’t remember this or have forgotten all about it. History repeats itself, loudly, and no one seems to listen.

I think we all, world-wide, realize that this is a time in which change is occurring. We just don’t know what the outcome is going to be. The question that all, who are capable of bringing about change should be asking themselves is, how can we be the change? I think the best Pete and I can do right now is lay low and stay healthy and keep from getting infected and infecting others. Also, as best we can, we need to keep the spring in our steps.

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