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April 10, 2020: Revisiting the White Highway

Today was the day that I was supposed to retake my EMT practical exam. It was cancelled some time ago – I knew it would be. I don’t know if I will be taking it – I got really burned out last semester; I studied way too hard. It’s for this reason (I think) that right now, the subject matter doesn’t hold much interest for me. And now with the better weather (!!!!) I am going to be even less motivated to study.

I began my day by participating in an online yoga class, taught by Dori McDannold, a wonderful instructor. As it turned out, the first half hour was just reality T.V. sort of entertainment. Pete and I watched as the instructor and students attempted to figure out how to run Zoom, the program that allows all to participate. They were all flummoxed for some time. But finally, the class was underway.

Alys and Raudi

Online body work classes do have limitations, for sure. Our computer screen is small, and the sound isn’t very loud. So I kept having to go back and forth between doing the poses and looking at the screen. At times, I gave up and just sat still, which I did think was very yoga-like. Of course, the instructor can’t make adjustments, and you can’t ask questions. However, the competitive edge was completely nixed.
I’ll do it again, Monday a.m.

I next worked for some time on Forks. It’s nearly done – I think it has continuity and reads quite well.

Then – outside, it was sunny and warm. I had to get out. I decided to revisit the White Highway, on my beloved fat tired bicycle. I have in the past, taken Tyra with me but decided instead to make this a solo outing. It was a quick trip because the trail was hard and fast. It took me a while to get my bicycling legs because I had not ridden fat tired for some time. After a few miles of moguls it leveled out and was easy to ride.

I feel bad about what the Matanuska Moose Range Trail System has become – a white highway; hence the name. It’s now very multi-use, and in the winter used by snowmobilers, cross country skiers, bicyclists, four wheelers, six wheelers, hikers, and this year, dog sledders. I liked it better when it was a narrow trail, traversed upon by just a few. I will always contend that it was a mistake to start grooming the trails – this just increased the number of users. There isn’t anything I can say or do because everyone has to recreate, right? But if I had my say. . . .

I returned home and then went to the Sutton Post Office where I mailed a few items. I met a fellow at the kiosk that is usually full of books from the Bright Lights Book Project. It’s a bit thin now, soon to be restocked. I told this guy about the project and he was really appreciative of our efforts. Made me want to get back at it again.

And, finally, I rode all the mares today, Hrimmi around the loop and Tyra and Raudi on Murphy Road. I had been running with them but not riding. They were all at first mystified as to why there was a change in routine, that is our going from running to riding. Now they must carry weight. And they must do as I ask, be it walk, trot, or canter.

It’s a rough life. But they all knew what to do, having completed a long trek last August. As I told them, things could be worse. They could instead be carrying a nasty child who with crop in hand, makes them run, run, run.

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