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March 30, 2013: Burning Daylight

A Day without Sunshine is Night
Larry the Cable Guy

The sunlight’s returning. Tonight I was out until 9 p.m. I can now forego the 11 p.m. cleaning/feeding. So I no longer have to use the headlight, which slows down things considerably.

I got to thinking more about the phrase “git ‘er done” as I was finishing up the day’s chores. It was actually a day in which I didn’t get ‘er done. Went to Anchorage with Vickie and purchased a bag of vitamin E for the horses. So I did not finish my horse trekking proposal. I don’t do this kind of thing often; rather, I pretty much make a mental list and go for it. So today was an exception to the rule.

Get er done is my rallying cry; though I was not the one who came up with it. So in all fairness to Larry the Cable Guy, the originator of the phrase, I decided to find

My BBQ is bigger than Larry's

out more about him. I was, as I expected, disappointed. I soon realize that Larry was gitting-r done/gitting er done, but I was not. That’s the whole idea – Larry gits ‘r done and the rest of us burn daylight.

I figured that this fellow’s area of expertise had something to do with car batteries. And I thought he would be a very serious fellow, intent on teaching people like me how to jump start our vehicles. He was, I deduced, a tall, thin, straight lipped mechanic.

I opened Larry the Cable guy’s website and discovered that he’s a standup comedian who’s appealing to a specific audience – which is redneck males. Larry was wearing a plaid sleeveless shirt that made his big arms look bigger. He had a neatly trimmed beard and was wearing jeans. He’d been positioned next to a barbecue, where he was flipping burgers and talking with a southern drawl. There were advertisements on the side of his website, for his tater chips, BBQ sauce, beer bread, and cheeseburgers.

I rightly deduced that this man has found his niche. The so-called blue collar comedy legend’s audience is other working class guys. And too, maybe their wives who think he’s just poking fun at people. Dunno, making a metaphorical comparison to dogs and to women (bitches) is (no matter how you look at it) insulting.

Larry has a git-r-done charity and encouraged people to give money. But it did not say which charities he supports. Most certainly not women and children, who are the brunt of his jokes.

I exited the website as quickly as I could, which in my mind was not fast enough. However, I left it realizing that I’d wasted 5-10 minutes of my valuable time, not getting ‘er done.

So the question remains, will Get ‘er done continue to be a rallying cry of mine? The answer is no. This is a hard one to give up; however, I cannot in good conscience in any way identify with a character like this one. So there is no link to his website here.

Time to move on –got lots to do. I might put a few veggie burgers on my portable grill, and call it good.

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