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March 30, 2013: Get Dem Doggies Movin’

I must say, Larry the Cable Guy did a good job of finding his audience and selling them the goods. He comes across like a redneck, but he’s actually a very smart fellow. His success has partially been based upon the fact that he has handlers. They dress him, help him write his gags, design his website, and market like food products. And additionally, Larry knows his audience.

This business of determining what one’s audience is, and making an appeal to that audience, is extremely difficult. I, who am a creative writer, am keenly aware of this. And it actually doesn’t matter what kind of a writer you are—it

is a lynch pin of sorts.

I recently decided to write two book proposals for two specific presses, with the intention of having them publish the final works. This is in part because I am still of the belief that this will make me seem more credible as a writer. Also, I want an assist with publication and distribution. In other words, like Larry, I would like to have handlers, editors, distribution and marketing agents included.

So I’ve been alternating between revising one proposal and the other. I planned to finish the trekking proposal yesterday. But I got tripped up. I remembered what Pete had indirectly said the day before, that I needed to revise it further. This was after he did a market search, one in which he rightly determined that there are many books out there on the subject of horse packing.

Pete was right. I needed to make it clear to the publishers at Trafalagar Square Press that my audience are those who are going to be traveling in the more sparsely populated back country AND the more densely populated front country. In addition (and I determined this), I’d need to say that this book will support my premise that the trip will be more fun and be less dangerous if trekkers first acknowledge that their mount isn’t a beast of burden but instead a traveling companion.

I got frustrated, in part, because I’d previously thought that I was nearly done. So I wisely abandoned ship for the day. I am going to resume working on this proposal momentarily. I will do this knowing that I’m zeroing in on a specific niche, which is those who see or want to see horses in a more humane light.

I’m sure that traditional packers love their horses and mules. But overloading them with gear is not the way to go. Isn’t it preferable to have your horse carry a harmonica as opposed to a piano? I want to address this in my book.

I’ve written several book proposals over the years and have yet, based upon what I’ve written, gotten a book contract. This is because I didn’t have a clear enough sense of my audience. I do wonder if I’ve come to this realization too late. The publication market is changing, and I’m not sure what’s up. What I’m now doing could be for naught. We’ll see.

My new rallying cry is “Git dem doggies moving!” It’s not the best, but it will do until something else comes along.

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