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March 6, 2012: Four Parcels

What were the odds of this happening? Me getting four packages in the mail in one day? This did not happen at Christmas. Then I got just one package. Four. I had to go to the post office and pick up two – the other two fit in the mailbox – Pete brought them home.

The first parcel was my friend Rae McFarlane, who lives in Canada. She was the one who visited here last September. Had a wonderful time, was sad to see her go. She’d recently told me that she’d done a closet clothes purging, and that she was sending me a box full of stuff. It came here by dog sled, so it took a month to get here. The box contained

Rae during her vist last fall.

numerous clothes items, including a very nice horse tee-shirt and a pair of riding breeches. The breeches almost fit. This is going to give me incentive to start exercising again.

There’s a group of local woman runners – I will start getting together with them in April. Seems like a good thing to do – I want to be in decent shape when we take off on our trip.

Rae recently got kicked in the head by a Percheron/Arab. She was assisting in getting it into a trailer. She sustained a concussion. What, I wonder, can I do for her? I’m not sure. I have been assembling a parcel for her. I was going with the moving theme since she’s moving, but have fallen short on this one. I have increasingly less thematic unity. What to do? I’m not sure.

The second parcel was from my friend Jacqui Welch, who I have known since high school. As with Rae, I keep in close touch with her on a daily basis, via email. Jacqui sent me a video, Horse Redemption. I’m looking forward to watching it. She also enclosed a photo of her daughter, Eva. I was blown away by the photo – Eva, at 21, is breathtaking beautiful.

The last time I saw the mother and daughter was on a river trip on the Missouri River. Pete’s brother Pat and his kids also came along. Seeing the photo of Eva reminded me that this was a once-in-a-lifetime trip. The kids are now all grown. We’ll never again all get together.

The next parcel contained stirrups. I was this year’s United States Icelandic Horse Congress Pleasure Rider Program high point rider, meaning that I spent more time riding my horse than any other member. The PRP head also enclosed a note requesting that I send her a photo of me with my new bridle for the Icelandic Horse Quarterly Magazine article. There was no bridle. I told her this, via email, and she told me that my new bridle and jacket are on the way. I have to send the stirrups back.

The last parcel (which is equally Pete’s) contained gear for the horse trek: Hobbles, a top bag, a tarp, a rope for high lining, highline knot eliminators, and maps. Pete said that Outfitter Supply sent one wrong map for the Bob Marshall Wilderness area, so back it goes.

There is obviously another trip to the post office in my future. I need to send out Rae’s parcel, return the stirrups, and return the map. It’s spring, so the P.O. line will be short.

Oddly, all the packages contain horse stuff. What does this say about me? I shudder to think. Best to remain in denial about this obsession.

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