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March 7, 2013: Nulla Dies Sine Linea

I and probably many other people were dupped by the run of good weather we just had. Had. It’s again blowsy, overcast, but not all that cold. Spring comes in increments – increasingly better weather interspersed between lessening crappy weather. Some years we go from snow to rain to snow. But, as always, hope springs eternal.

I went to yoga this morning. Yoga days are tough because I have to get up early, in order to arrive on time for the 7:15 a.m. class. I have discovered in the past few months that the world at 5:30 a.m. is a different place. You get this sense that three quarters of the people in your area are still asleep. Consequently, the air is full of their CO2. Still, the world of early risers (that exclusive club) is not a world that I readily inhabit. I stagger around, and slowly come to consciousness. Then I spend the remainder of a really long day waiting to return to unconsciousness.

The question then that I always have to consider at 9 a.m. is – do I blast through the day or do I give in to it, and crawl back into bed. I’ve never yet done the latter, but again today, I’m considering it. Living adventurously means deviating from the normal routine. Taking a lengthy nap, for me, would be doing things differently, for sure.

Today I’m sitting on the fence. I have plenty to do, and as is usually the case, I’ll most likely just put my mind on autopilot and continue on like I got eight instead of five hours sleep. Pete’s heading off for America tonight (that’s what we Alaskan expatriates call it) and will be gone until March 16h. He’ll spend some time with family members and then go to a conference in Las Vegas. I told him to say hello the Luxor’s Talking Camel for me.

So, in his absence, I get to do all I do and do all he does. Eight days of this is going to be a long time. I’m just going to keep busy. Today I’m going to work on my how to horse trekking proposal, get the horses out, and then go to town – stock up on canned goods in case the big one hits. If I wait, it might rain. And if it rains, I’m screwed.

I’m also going to the post office and sending the stirrups back. And I’m going to go to the thrift store and drop off some things. Last night I did a closet purge. It was not a huge endeavor – I don’t own all that much. But it was something.

Tonight I’ll clean the kitchen addition, continue work on my proposal, and take the horses for a walk. Pete will keep posting dispatches. He showed me how to send him photos a short while ago. So I will continue to write and take pictures. And I will eat food I cook. Adventures in good eating hardly describes it.

I fully realize that this isn’t the most exciting dispatch ever. I truly believe that every day of one’s life should be exciting, but this isn’t always the case. I should maybe instead do something exciting, like go to Hawaii and jump off a cliff. Or surf in a pipe wave. Cowabunga. Instead, I’m going to (literally) keep the home fires burning. Sometimes, all it comes down to is Nulla Dies Sine Linea, Never a Day without a Line.

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