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February 1, 2013: Hello and Goodbye to Peaches

I never thought I’d ever do it; that is, attempt to communicate with an animal that’s passed on. But then, I never thought that I’d attempt to communicate with an animal that’s still here. (In this particular instance, communication narrowly defined, I mean merely exchange thoughts.)

A person is at a distinct disadvantage when attempting to communicate with a dead animal because it’s impossible to pick up on externals – the ways in which they communicate via body language. But then again, a person communicating with a dead animal may have the home court advantage, because nothing gets in the way of either party’s intended thoughts.

Yesterday I had a conversation with Peaches. This was not all at once, but rather, as I was going about doing various things. I chose to talk to her, not because I’m grieving for her, but because I still feel her presence here, as do Ranger and Rover. We all wanted to know how she’s doing.

Our place lends itself to otherworldly conversations because it’s very quiet and very peaceful here. It’s also quite beautiful. Yesterday it was overcast, snowing, and raining simultaneously. This softened the edges of the landscape, giving it a Christmas card look.



A: Peaches, how are you doing?
P: I’m doing quite well. But I’m not longer Peaches.
A: So should I call you Someone Else?
P: This would be more fitting.
A: Are you still a goat?
P: I am not a goat. But I’m still the Greatest Of All Time.
A: You’re conversing with me, so you’re something.
P: Actually, I’m now everything.
A: Like one with the universe?
P: Exactly.
A: How are you feeling about this?
P: I feel very good about this.
A: Last night I looked up and saw the stars. Are you one with the stars?
P: Yes.
A: I’ve heard that there may be more than one universe. Are you also one with them?
P: Yes.
A: Do you miss being in your previous form?
P: No. But I did like being a goat. I most enjoyed being on the milk line because then I had a purpose. I
fed many goats, and many people. I was quite the producer in my day. And my babies were always big and strong. But I was always hungry. In the end I was so ravenous that I hurt. I could not keep myself full.
A: So are you now getting your fill?
P: Clearly, you don’t understand what’s going on here. I’m no longer a goat, so I’m not at all hungry.
Rover: Are you coming back?
P: No Rover.
R: Can I come and see you?
P: No. When your time comes you will also be one with the multitude of universes. But right now you have a job to do.
R: What’s that?
A: To remain Ranger’s companion.
R: But I want you to be my companion.
P: You have Ranger. You boys will now have to get along.
R: Ptttttt.
P: Don’t do that. It isn’t very becoming.
Ranger: Yeah, it isn’t very becoming.
A: (To G.O.A.T): Are you going to come back in another form?
P: No, I’m going to come back in several forms. My carcass, and that’s all it now is – is going to be consumed by bugs, mice, voles. In addition, it will be consumed bacteria, fungi and nematodes. These critters will then be consumed by others. It’s an amazing process and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.
A: Thrilled?
P: Just thrilled.
Rover: Will this hurt you?
P: Dear boy, you haven’t a clue, do you?
R: Nope.
A: Will we be able to continue to converse with you?
P: No. I am here for the purpose of this one conversation. I knew you all needed to know what became of me. But it’s now time for you to let go and for me to move on, because this is just the natural order of things.
A: Will we ever meet again?
P: We will, but in a differing way, one that you cannot, in your present form, comprehend.
A: Goodbye Peaches.
R and R: Goodbye Peaches.
P: Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

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