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February 2, 2013: Groundhog Day and More On Trip Plans

Groundhog day is half-way between the equinox and solstice, or something like that. If the groundhog was reputed to see its shadow here, winter would be about over, because it was a sunny day. As it was, it was a wonderful day for a ride, because the temps were also in the high 20s.

Seeing as the weather was good, I got up early, before everyone else, and prepared to go for a ride.

All five horses continue to be my teachers. Right now, the four here are teaching me to be calm when in their presence. I thought of this as I entered the enclosure, which is actually there space. I stood and first waited for Raudi


to come over to me. She ambled over to my side. I put the halter on her, took her over to the hitching post, and tied her up. I then followed suit with Signy, who hesitated before coming over to me. But she did. This was a good sign because it meant that they were, as I was, enthused about going for a ride.

I was calm leading them down the driveway, to the mounting block. I was calm getting both in place. I was calm mounting up. I was calm as we three headed at a good clip down the road. And I remained calm on one of the best rides ever. We went between 4-5 miles, most of the way trotting. Raudi at one point barged ahead and cut Signy off, but I had both stop, and calmly repositioned them.

Then after, I stayed calm on our end of the ride warm-down walk. I let Raudi off lead and she immediately jumped in a snow berm. I decided to continue to head in the direction of home. She snorted, plunged around a bit, and then joined Signy and me.

Once at home, Raudi rolled in the driveway. I then got down and rolled too. She got up, walked over to me, looked down, and asked me what the hell I was doing.

I next rode Tinni and Pete rode Siggi. In an odd way this was a more challenging ride than the first because there was a lot of traffic. There were people getting ready to ski, people walking, and people driving up and down the road. Siggi is vying with Tinni for the Steady Eddy Horse of the Year Award – he may actually get it. Tinni was, a few times, a bit high headed, but Siggi remained, head down, easy going and relaxed. I get a little tense when Tinni gets all huffy – but this time I focused on keeping him calm.

Pete and I next went and spent some time with Hrimfara, who is still at Vicki’s. While there, she made it a point to act very grown up while in our presence. She didn’t pay much attention to us, but instead went about doing horse things, like hanging out with her new buddy Hunar and eating her mid-day rations. She
hasn’t had to compete with four other horses for her share of food, so she’s putting on weight.

Horses as teachers – I’m learning from her to trust the fact that even little horses can be adaptable and resilient. This is something that Vicki, her caretaker, already knows. But, some of the easiest life lessons are the hardest to learn.

Trip Update: Pete and I went to a garden seed swap get together – it’s sort of a like a Tupperware party, minus the hype. You bring seeds and set them on a table and you take seeds. It’s a nice equitable arrangement, for those who know what they’re doing.

Talked with people. Carol Montgomery, who lives over on Lazy Mountain, is thinking about taking Ranger and Rover on when we are away. And Nick and Leah, who will be housesitting here, are interested in our doing some food dehydrating together.

Pete and I also have two potential summer homes for Tinni. Either one’s working out would be ideal for him. Leaving him here is not a good idea. He’d feel lonely and betrayed. Pony clubbers using him for some lessons would be ideal. Then again, he might do well again in the novice division of the competitive trail ride.

Lastly, we have a line on a bigger truck. Pete thinks that it would be better to use this to haul the trailer than the Tundra. The only problem is, we’d have to sell the Tundra. But this would be a happy problem.

It really is magical when all things, seemingly of their own volition, fall into place.

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