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January 29, 2013: A conversation with Signy fra Dareg Dair

This morning I talked with Signy, and here’s what she had to say:

A: Good morning Signy, how are you doing?
S: Okay. Could be better.

A: Do you care to elaborate?

S: What’s elaborate mean?

A: Say more.

S: Not really. Could I please have some more of the brome hay? The timothy is too stalky.

A: Here you go. Is there anything else you need?

S: Yes. I want my baby back.

A: You mean Hrimfara?

S: Yes.

A: She’s over at Vicki’s.

S: I know this. You took us both for a ride over there in the trailer, and then brought me home and left here there.

A: Yes, I know this.

S: Well?

A: Right now she’s being weaned.

S: I was taking care of this. I know how to wean foals. I’ve had six of them you know. And I have been around other mares that had to do the same. You humans are well-meaning, but you tend to make problems where they do not exist.

A: You’ve done a wonderful job raising Hrimmi.

S: Of course. I’ve raised many babies. I’m the absolute best brood mare around.

A: I know this.

S: Well, why did you separate us?

A: Because we’re thinking that this summer, we’ll leave Hrimmi at Vicki’s place.

S: Why leave her here now? Why leave her here then? I want my baby back.

A: Because we’re planning on doing Tolting the Divide Part II this summer. You’re coming with us because you are, in addition to being a wonderful broodmare, a wonderful pack mare. Vicki has agreed to watch her for us this summer.

S: Oh.

A: So what do you think about this idea?

S: This would work. I talked with Hunar the other day, when we went for a trail ride. He thinks the world of Vicki. The two are as close as a horse and owner can be.

A: We’re also thinking about bringing her along with us. What do you think would be best for Hrimmi?

S: Either way would be just fine. The one you named Frosty Traveller would do just fine being with Vicki. But she’d get some invaluable trail experience if she came with us. You know, if you do leave her behind, you can take her on other, shorter trips in the future.

A: I hadn’t thought of that.

S: You humans should talk with us more than you do. We also have valuable insights. I’m a pack horse, but I’m more than a beast of burden. I was born and raised in Ireland. So I’ve had more life experiences than most Icelandic horses.

A: Except for Tinni. He came from Iceland.

S: True. But he’s a gelding. He’s got no balls.

A: Do you have balls?

S: Yes, in a manner of speaking, all mares do, especially ones like me that are well travelled.

A: Are you up for doing another trip?

S: I like this idea. I like it a great deal. This time, I’ll have more energy because I won’t be pregnant.

A: Sorry about that.

S: It wasn’t your doing. And you didn’t really know that Hrimmi was traveling in utero. But it was at times more tiring than it otherwise might have been. But at the trip’s end, I’d like to be bred again. Of course, to another Icelandic stallion.

A: You enjoy sex?

S: Oh yes, very much so. At the same time, I enjoy giving birth to and raising babies.

A: Why is that?

S: Don’t you like doing those things that you’re good at?

A: I guess I do. But giving birth and raising offspring isn’t one of them.

S: Leave that to me then.

A: Don’t you think you’re getting a bit old for this kind of thing?

S: No.

A: Well, we probably won’t breed you because we don’t have enough money to take on a sixth horse. And you’re having Hrimmi sort of maxed us out on space. So will our doing a trip suffice?

S: Yes, but no matter what, I want Hrimmi back, especially if she’s to be my last. You have repeatedly promised me that we’ll be together forever. She’s my best foal, and my best friend.

A: I know this.

S: You know, it’s no picnic living her. My companions are an old grumpy gelding, an immature younger gelding, and a mare who’s food obsessed.

A: I love them all as much as I love you.

S: Hrimmi, more so than the others, brightens my day. I want her back.

A: I hear you.

S: But oh yes, indeed I’m up for another adventure. Just like those Icelandic horses in the movie that you were talking about with Vicki. I don’t need a horse sweater or mane extender. Let’s keep it simple. You know, I’m probably related to some of the horses in that movie. There are just not that many of us.

A: Okay. So I should continue with trip planning.

S: Yes. But you must promise me that if we don’t take Hrimmi along, that we’ll be reunited at the trip’s end.

A: I promise. And I’ll put it in writing.

S: I don’t know what writing is. Can I please have some more brome hay?

A: Yes. Here you go.

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