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January 30, 2013: Son of Photoshop Returns Plus Hrimmi Update

I decided this semester to take a Photoshop class. Recall that last year at this time, I took it in conjunction with a photography class. Then, it didn’t go very well; in fact, it was an exercise in futility.

I considered retaking the photography class, but finally opted to go full tilt boogie and just take Photoshop. This was in part because Pete was signing up to take it. I figured he could help me when I hit the graphic arts wall. Together, we’d then eventually do wonderful things. I

wasn’t sure what these wonderful things might be, but I knew there would be no wonderful things if I stayed at home on Tuesday nights and he went to class.

We are now three weeks into the class. And I have subsequently discovered that learning Photoshop the second time around is even more difficult than learning it the first time around. The photography instructor attempted to show us students a few things; however, this was just an attempt. He is a darkroom man who knows next to nothing about the program.

My current instructor is a Photoshop instructor, and does know his stuff. In fact (and here’s the rub) he knows so much that I’m having a hard time understanding him. He goes fast and jumps from instruction to instruction.

Pete’s been doing his best to show me what he knows. He’s coming into this being well versed in several computer programs, so he has the proverbial lay of the land down. However, he does not know it all. I get frustrated when he who does not know something goes into “I need to figure this out” mode. But what else can he do.

I have also been slowed down by my vision. I stepped on my regular glasses and have been using my distance glasses. But I now have my repaired, regular glasses on hand again.

Yesterday afternoon and last night -- I figured out a few important life lessons, lessons that will serve me in good stead in future learning-related endeavors. Pete and I have been pressed for time, so we sat down to do our Photoshop homework a few hours before class And so by 8 p.m. last night I was feeling compressed. It’s best for me to chunk things down and do a little bit of classwork every day. Even 15 minutes or so of work will be useful.

In class, I learn more if I focus on the teacher and what he’s doing, rather than on Pete who is attempting to figure out what the teacher is doing.

And also, I have to work at mediating between left and right brain activity. I am primarily right brained, so my imagination really wants to take charge. For example, last night we had to put objects on a table and manipulate each one. These objects included a cup, a casserole dish, a knife, and a tomato. I was shown how to make duplicates of tomatoes – I think the command was V-8 (the significance of this wasn’t lost on me). In a few minute’s time my table was covered with tomatoes. I must be disciplined, and let the left brain do its job. This is a very tall order.

I do not really know what exactly can be done with Photoshop – but if I can grasp the basics, I can then again let my imagination have full rein. Then I’ll be doing the wondrous things that I inherently think are possible with this program. This matter of exercising the left brain is a tall order, but I am up to the task.

Hrimmi update: I talked to Vicki this morning, and learned that Hrimmi is doing just fine at her place. I am being weaned, and coming to important self-realizations, as is my little girl. I don’t know what hers are, but the most important one for me that we both are learning to be adaptable. It’s not to anyone’s benefit to have a horse that’s overly attached to its owner, or vice versa. This is because there may be times when both need to act independently of one another.

And Vicki is being attentive to Hrimmi right now. So for now (and now is what matters), things are going well on the horse front.

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