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November 28, 2013: Attitude of Gratitude, Again

I’ve used the above dispatch title a few times. I most definitely have an attitude of gratitude. I learned this from my mother. One of my earliest memories is of us walking down a hot city street. I began complaining and she said “but feel the wind. And look at that beautiful tree down the way!” I probably made some derogatory remark at the time, but her response was so genuine that it stuck in my mind. I still make note of breezes on hot days.

Growing up, I got everything I wanted, with one exception. That exception was a horse. A horse was (I was told) out of price range. Somehow my mother knew that even though I was obsessed, that we could not afford such an animal’s upkeep. Too bad, because my obsession

was such that I would have taken good care of it.

Now I have a horse. Actually I have four earthly horses and one that’s now in horse heaven. I am grateful to have them all because I know what it’s like to want something really badly and then not have it be within reach. And perhaps if I had gotten a horse, I would not fully appreciate having four plus one now.

The dogs, the goats, the chickens; I didn’t ask for these things growing up. But I’m glad to now own them all. I’m also glad that we have enough money and time to keep them all well fed and in good health. Sometimes it’s a stretch, but we do it.

I’m also grateful that these horses are here, and that I’m not having to board them. Wouldn’t want the commute. Wouldn’t want them in what I’d consider to be substandard conditions. I like having immediate access to them.

I’m also grateful to have a trail system in my backyard. And I’m grateful to have friends to share it with. Today my friend Victoria came over. We went riding and then ate Thanksgiving dinner. Between the ride and dinner, we went and gave horses One, Two, and Three some hay that Victoria brought over here with her.

We checked it out. Horses One, Two, and Three have no water source and have not been fed in some time. I will call the proper authorities and make note of this next week. I’m glad I care, I’m and glad that I can make a good case for getting them into better environs.

My sister called today. I’m grateful that both my parents and sister are still alive and healthy and that we’ve resolved our differences to the point that we all enjoy talking to one another on the phone. And also, that we enjoy being in one’s direct company when possible. We are all intelligent, thoughtful, kind people with good senses of humor. If any of them ever needed anything from me. I’d provide it, no questions asked.

The last paragraph here sounds like an afterthought, but it is not. I am most grateful to have such a kind and loving partner. No one has yet to do better than I. This is the kind of guy he is. Today Pete made Thanksgiving dinner (I made the smashed potatoes – it’s an old family recipe), and he went riding with Victoria and me. In between these things, he worked on formatting Raudi’s Story, which is my book.

Thanksgiving is just one of 365 days in a year. Every day, not just this one, everyone should have an attitude of gratitude.

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