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November 29, 2013: Friendship

Yesterday, Thanksgiving, my friend Victoria came over and brought some hay by for horses One, Two, and Three. This was something she really couldn’t afford to do. Victoria lives very simply, in a one room cabin. She lives so simply that recently she had to move her second chair outside, so that she’d have a place to put animal food. (She has horses, pigeons, dogs, and rabbits). She gave what she could because she didn’t want to see the horses starve.

In the evening, we went to see my friend Vickie. She gave me two bales of compressed hay. She has one horse, Hunar. This was a big chunk of her hay allotment. She pays her horse expenses by substitute teaching.

Then today, my friend Heather stopped by and left two more bales of compressed hay. Heather has one horse, Rio. This was a big chunk of her hay allotment. Heather, in addition to having to pay Rio’s board and other expenses, has two boys to support.

All our lives are bounded by life’s faces and shadows—by death, illness, loss, joy, creativity, sorrow, pain, and exhilaration. We have all lost someone dear to us, friends, animals, loved ones, suffered sorrow and disappointment. This is our universal experience; grace is our response to the reality of life, our acceptance of it our ability to grow, change, empathize, find our centers and keeps our fires glowing. When I look up at the stars, I’m reminded of how wonderful life can be.

I was blown away by my friends’ generosity. Most importantly, this is giving me the incentive to work on making sure these horses don’t starve to death. No, I talked the talk in a previous dispatch, but I can’t let this go on.

I now have a plan. I will take the horses hay and water twice a day. And I will notify the proper authorities as to what’s going on here.

The fact that the owner of these horses is acting in an irresponsible and careless fashion is, in my mind, a moot point. I could be angry, pissed, distraught, indignant, upset, or irate about her lack of concern, but this will not resolve the situation. Actually, feeding the animals also might not resolve the situation. But at least I am making overtures in the right direction.

Tonight, a very strange thing happened. I looked up and saw that the stars were out. When I say out, I mean out. They were as bright as they’d ever been. The sky was crystal clear. I think that this was Mr. Siggi (Stardust’s) way of affirming that I am doing the right thing.

I also got the sense that indeed, he is still with us. But he’s now in a differing dimension. He’s a spirit guide of sorts. I just need to pay close attention to when he’s making his thoughts on matter know.

About the horses – Bottom Line – working on this problem is the absolute right thing to do.

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