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October 3, 2013: Catching Up

Yesterday, Vickie Talbot came over. She rode her horse Hunar through the Moose Meadows Swamp to get here. Brave Vickie, brave Hunar. I did the same ride last year on Tinni. The entire time my heart was in my throat. The base of the waterlogged trail is questionable, so this is not a safe thing to do.

Vickie and I talked for some time. It was fun hanging out with someone who really was interested in hearing some of my trip stories. Most are simply content to get a sound bite or two. Anyhow, I found my thoughts coming forth in a very random and nonlinear fashion. I can only hope that later they coalesced into a

cohesive whole.

Vickie also talked about her summer adventures on Hunar. She attended some shows and did some clinics. What the horse and rider have done together is most impressive. For example, they went into a bareback jumping class and cleared a three foot jump. Vickie added that this was without her hanging on to Hunar’s mane. It sounded as though for the pair that the summer was a good mix of arena and trail work.

Later, she and Hunar accompanied Pete and I when we went to pick up Hrimmi. This turned out to be a joyful occasion. Hrimmi saw us at the distance and whinnied. She then walked over to the electric fence, and with the three of us, waited for the owner of the other horse to appear. The other horse noodled some – but not Hrimmi.

When finally she did appear, we loaded both horses into their respective trailers. Hrimmi didn’t refuse to get in, but she spent a few minutes thinking about the consequences. Hunar and Signy were, of course, there for moral support. Finally, she hopped in.

We stopped at Vickie’s, unloaded the horses, dropped off Hunar, reloaded Hrimmi and Signy, and then drove home. Raudi, who’d been left alone, was beside herself. I made some hay piles in the pen, and then put Hrimmi and Signy in with Raudi. Hrimmi went for Signy’s teat, and Signy kicked out at her. There was no doubt in my mind that Signy was telling her daughter that the milk bar was finally closed. Hrimmi, rebuffed, went over to eat hay with Raudi. It’s a thankless job being a mother.

I got up early because I was, of course, concerned about how the night went. I need not have been so concerned. All the mares were just fine. When left to their own devices, they sorted things out amongst themselves.

On Saturday we will go and get Mr. Tinni.

I still miss Mr. Siggi. A part of the problem is that small things, like his name on his tack box, his sidepull bridle, and his jolly ball remind me of him. I thought I’d put his death behind me when we pulled in the driveway. This is not so. As I now realize, you don’t put deaths behind you. It’s absurd to think this way. I guess one eventually figures out how to deal with such things. I have obviously not yet done this.

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