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October 4, 2013: The Concept of Mine

The concept of mine is hardly a new idea. I know, in fact, that it has been written about by cultural anthropologists. But it does warrant further mention. In many countries, there is no “mine.” Rather, there exists the concept of “ours.” And so people who think in terms of “ours” care for whatever it is that needs tending to, as if they actually owned it. And there is no theft since it makes no sense to steal from oneself.

Things become “mine” when money enters into the equation. People who think mine (and we all do) are possessive. They also think less about caring for what is not theirs.

What has gotten me to thinking about this is returning home, to “my” place. Others took care of our place in our absence. The example of animals comes to mind first. During the time in which we were away – three months – the lives of our two goats, one dog, and two horses were put on hold. All were safe, and well cared for. But they did not get the care they would have gotten if they had had “mine” status. The same holds true of the garden. As for the house – well, some things were amiss.

Of course, I realize that in all instances, Pete and my standards are extremely high. This is because, oddly enough, we have embraced the concept of “mine.” But, I might add, if I were responsible for other’s animals, garden, or place, I would treat it or all like it was my own.

I was actually relieved to find that near everything on the home front was in good working order when we returned from our travels. It was a tall order, expecting that everything would be just fine.

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