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October 2, 2013: Boundaries

I now have hope that the current political situation in our neck of the woods might soon change. It’s appearing as though two more progressive thinking men may have gotten elected to the local borough assembly. We will know once the absentee ballots are counted. I say, it’s about time.

It was good to get a shower last night and this morning grab clean clothes off the hangers. Been having to dig for clothes in bins. A real pain in the ass.

Jenna came home tonight. We opened the door and there she was. Her dog sitters dropped her off. Amazingly, she was not at all bothered by the sight of yet another dog. I was thinking

she would be put out. I think that she was just really glad to be back here.

I didn’t sleep well. This was because Ryder was bouncing around the place like a super ball. The problem is that she does not yet have a sense of what our boundaries entail. I gave her a basket full of toys. She pulled them all out and played with some, then put them on the couch. Alas, afterwards she began chewing on the wicker basket that held said toys. She also has not yet figured out that she should not be up on the table or stand in the bedroom windowsill. As I watched her antics, I found myself thinking that I was glad that we have enrolled her in a puppy obedience class. This will begin on October 31st. It just isn’t soon enough. I have some gray hairs. By then I may be totally gray.

The question that now, repeatedly comes to the forefront of my consciousness is this: Did we make a mistake in taking on this dog? The answer. . . .

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