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September 17, 2013: My Private Idaho

The above is a title of a movie. It kept coming back to mind as we spent time in this state, riding trails, hanging out at trailheads, and visiting Sara, Linn Canyon Ranch, and the Nears.

After leaving the Nears (and then spending a night in Farragut State Park), we drove up to Northern Idaho, to the Priest River/Priest Lake area. Pete knows the area well, since he spent considerable time here as both a child and teenager. His grandparents owned a cabin on Priest Lake, and he spent his summers there.

Robin Near gave us a real estate guide when we visited her. Pete, looking at it, immediately discovered a place that he said merited another look/see; then he passed it on to me. The ad indicated that the 10 acre place, bounded forest service land, had a spring, and several outbuildings. And the accompanying photo was of a two-story, rustic, cabin-type house. I agreed that this was worth checking out. So this morning we went to Century 21 Real Estate and first met with Wade, who is representing the seller.

I liked Wade, who seemed more real than most real estate agents. His full head of mouse brown hair hung below his ears, and he was dressed more casually than most. In fact, he came across as someone who, if he could, would be wearing jeans and a tee shirt. And he wasn’t at all pushy. He escorted us into a meeting room, answered our questions carefully, and provided for us specific particulars when asked.

Wade provided us with the listing information, and as well, with several others. I flipped through all of them as Pete and Wade talked. None of the others suited. They were either on small lots, near adjoining property, or too expensive. Wade quickly figured out that I figured this out, and suggested that we go and check out the property for ourselves.

Sometimes real estate information suits the buyer, and sometimes not. The place in question was exactly what Pete and I hoped to find. The house was a good size, and had numerous windows. And the outbuildings included a greenhouse, a garden shed, a second small shed, a pump house, and a large metal garage/shed/shop. We first checked out the exterior of the buildings, and then walked the perimeter. Pete, who is always more circumspect than I am, said when I asked what he thought about the place was that “it needs a lot of work.” However, he did not say that our purchasing the place was out of the question. So maybe it will come to be. Oddly enough, today is my birthday. A cool way of spending it, looking at what might be our future home.

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