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September 18, 2013: Field of Dreams

If you build it, they will come. Shoeless Joe wanted a major league team to play in his area, so he built a ball park. In other words, if you envision something, then most likely it will come to be. Some call this creative visualization. I don’t have words for what it is. However, I know that there is more to this concept than many acknowledge.

Last night we camped at a roadside trailhead. And this morning we went for a long ride on an adjacent trail. The trail is in the area of “our” so-called Paradox Road property. We rode along what was a quasi-logging road trail. It went a ways along a ridgeline, and was a gentle uphill grade.

There was no traffic excepting three vehicles, all of which had numerous game trail dogs tied to the back. They were big, lean, short haired dogs. One had a FS brand on its side. We grabbed our dogs when we heard the other dogs baying. The horses stood quietly as they passed.

We returned to the property in question after lunch, and briefly met with Wade, who was on his way elsewhere. He had unlocked the doors of the house and outbuildings for us. I was like a kid in a candy shop – I ran from one dwelling to the next, quickly checking out each and every one. I first checked out the house, going all the way upstairs. I laughed when I saw the upstairs bedroom for the décor was really off-putting. There was shag carpeting on the floor – it was purple and yellow. And the walls were bright pink in color. The outbuildings, of course, were in need of work. And the greenhouse was lacking in roof paneling.

Pete and I did a yet another site inspection after Wade departed. And here’s the connection to ahem, creative visualization. Both of us saw what the place might become. The house – my study would be in the back room off the kitchen. From here, I’d have a view of the horse facility – the pasturage area, and the combination hay barn, tack room, shelter. And in time, we’d build an arena and a tolting track. We’d also have an incredible garden, because it’s easy to grow things in Idaho. And we’d have ample storage for our outdoor gear. On and on our visualization process went.

After seeing the place as it might be, I removed my head from the clouds. If we did decide to buy this place, there will of course be some very practical matters that will need to be considered, like, where might we get the money for the hefty twenty percent down payment? And how might we go about making mortgage payments? And what about jobs? And too, when would we relocate, and how would we go about doing this?

Right now, that is at this very moment, I haven’t a clue. I must say though that at this point in time, I don’t harbor any ambivalence about our doing this, for my own pros, that is having space and a facility for my horses, as well as access to local and distant trail riding are a major draw. However, we’ll see how I feel once we return to Alaska.

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