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March 14, 2012: Raudi’s Story

There’s a snow pile to my left, outside the bedroom window. Yesterday, Pete shoveled off the upper roof. The snow cascaded onto the lower roof, where it will remain until he either moves it or it will melt. The books piled on the right side windowsill are also blocking light. I just can’t read fast enough. The snow’s also piled high on the roof behind me, on the far side of the room. It’s like being in a dark cave. This is fine—I work best free of distractions.

Actually, today there’s little light to be had. It’s overcast. There’s no contrast.

It’s a bad day for taking photos. I’ve finally figured out that contrast is the juxtaposition of black and white, and darkness and light.

It was a good day for working on Raudi’s Story. I keep thinking I’m about done, and then something else important comes to mind. Today it was character development. Believable characters help to maintain reader interest.

The horses that Raudi interacts with – Gerjun (her dam) Elan (her companion at Moose Creek Ranch) and Tinni (her stable mate here) all attempt to teach her the lessons that she’ll need to know if she’s to be a gaedlinger, or superior riding horse. These characters also attest to the fact that all good horses have good horse role models.

There are also human characters. I’m the somewhat clueless owner. Pete’s the guy who attempts to put brakes on my horse obsession. Katie Long is the traditional horse trainer. And Virginia’s the overwhelmed new farm owner.

Showing what Raudi learned from all of the above wasn’t difficult. Showing what I learned from my interactions with the above humans and horses was much more difficult. Raudi’s insights are essential. Forgiveness is now central to Raudi’s Story. I saw myself as Raudi’s protector when she was young—and in the process, I made some questionable judgment calls.

I have high hopes for this book. The most recent issue of the Icelandic Horse Quarterly has a news section. Icelandic horses were recently featured on Good Morning America, and will be featured in the Hobbit movie, which is coming out in December. There will be twelve Icelandic horses in it. Timing is everything. I’d like to think that it’s Raudi and my time.

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