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About “Alys's Articles”

Short and long essays about “the life” follow. I’ve separated them into four categories (or boxes), which I’ve labeled memoir, travel, and academic letters. I’ve also included a poetry file. It’s pained me to do this because I’m a lumper and not a splitter. I try, in everything I write, to push on the boundaries of genre, so as to make the concept of categorization even more nebulous. But because my audience includes splitters, I’ve classified everything, and in this way, made my work (as some would say) accessible. Note: many additional short stories can be found in the About Us section.

More articles and poetry to come.

A River Remembered
Birds of a Feather

Breathe, Kiddo, Breathe
Cardio Grrrrl
Say it ain't so Joe
The Sky is Falling
Visiting Hours
Cataract Surgery
The Books I Carried

An Unexpected Bear Encounter
Yard Sale

Academic Articles
Memory, Memoir, and Memorabilia


Alys in her winter study