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March 15, 2012: Words IN Images

I learn something every time I take photos—this proved to be true both yesterday and today. This time around I figured out that I’m very interested in words IN images.

Yesterday – I arrived at the recycling center, and started wandering around. I didn’t see much of anything at first. Then I began seeing lots of wordage. The one drawback was that I had no context. I ran upstairs and grabbed The Waif, a doll that’s become the unofficial recycling center mascot. She was found some time back in the local landfill. I took her around, and put her in various settings. One minute she was the pizza party girl, and then the next she was the estranged wife. This seemed to work out well.

Today—I arrived at Sun Circle Farm, and started following Trillium, age 9, and Leila, age 6, around. We gravitated in the direction of their farm animals. This, at least was a good setting for me because I feel at home around livestock. Actually, I don’t feel as comfortable around Maybe, the steer with the big horns. I took photos of the kids with the pigs, horse, donkey, and cow.

These photos didn’t come out very well. Trillium and Leila’s mom arrived home and we all gravitated in the direction of the greenhouse, which is under construction. I read somewhere that if you are patient, the photo will materialize. The kids began playing in the mud and writing their names on the greenhouse walls. Words IN images, this, I realized, was what I’d been waiting for.

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