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August 15, 2012: Home Again, Home Again

In my absence, Pete took wonderful care of the place. It’s quite something, to go away and then return to a home like this, because you then see things anew. Being in the thick of it obscures one’s vision.

Looking around, all I could think was, this place is a lot of work. Early fall is a good time to return, because it then best shows the fruits of or efforts.

There is the garden project. This is the first year in which we’ve had good luck growing stuff. I’m not talking here a carrot, there a carrot, but rather, carrots, carrots, carrots. This is impressive given that it has been a cold, overcast summer.

The hoop house project has been an overwhelming success. Everything we planted in it has grown well, including onions. Imagine it, we have grown onions. And kohlrabi. And fava beans. Huh. The corn didn’t do well, but we didn’t expect that it would.

Raudi and Siggi say hello

They grow corn in Portlandia, in their yards. Heck, sunflowers grow in damaged soil.

Anyhow, the animals did well during my vacation. Raudi let me know that she was glad to see me by neighing when she saw me coming up the driveway, and then running over to the gate. I entered the pen and she stood in front of me and would not let the others get close. Very unusual. Hrimmi also got bigger while I was away. And all the others did just fine.

I didn’t unpack this morning. Rather, I went with Pete for a long ride, me riding Signy. After, I took Raudi out for a shorter ride. For sure, it’s good to be back home.

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