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Dispatch December 21, 2011: Solstice

I like the winter solstice more than the summer solstice because this means that the light will soon be returning. Maybe a sign of age—I crave light. Don’t like to see it so dark this time of year. Prior to the solstice, I find myself attempting to figure out how long it will again be before it’s again that light.

I decided that I needed to change my routine, so as to take advantage of what little light there is. So I’m now riding in the a.m. and writing in the p.m. I’d much prefer it the other way because I am a morning writer. But one must do what they must do.

I have heard that next year, on this very day, that an asteroid is going to hit the planet and that we’ll all be left in darkness. I have given this considerable thought because this plays on one of my worst fears, which is being without light. Imagine it, dark all the time. One who

Snow off tack room roof
Snow off tack room roof

hates being light deprived would have to dig down deep in order to go on living.

This happenstance looms as a distinct possibility, which is why I make it a point, every day, to observe light and shadows both. If gone, I will at least have some good memories.

30 more seconds of daylight tomorrow. Gives me something to look forward to.

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