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December 22, 2011: Horses or Ponies?

The question that some ask about Icelandics is, are they horses or ponies?  Some say one, and some say the other.  I had for some time taken the stance that they are small horses.  Those pro horse say that they are able to do as much work as horses, and that they are not as nasty or mean spirited as most ponies.  Those pro pony say that Icelandic horses are the same size and build as ponies.

I’d sided with the former simply because I too could not go along with the negative connotations that are associated with ponies. But most recently, Raudi opted to change my viewpoint. I asked her what she thought she was, and she said unequivocally

Siggi is a horse
Siggi is a horse

“I am a pony!”  Her response came so fast that I knew that it was one of those times in which she really was speaking to me.

I asked her to elaborate and she said that horses are reactive and stupid, and added that ponies, unlike horses, will think about things, like where to put their feet when on a slippery trail.  Furthermore, she said, she is pony-sized.

I next asked the same of Siggi, who said “I’m a horse!”  He did not elaborate the way Raudi did.  I therefore must assume that his comments are in relation to his size and build. He’s tall and lanky, and does look like more like a miniature horse than a pony.

Signy and Tinni had nothing to say about the matter, most likely because it isn’t at all of importance to them.

This begs the question, what do I now tell people who ask what they are?  This is easy. I will simply say that Raudi sees herself as a pony, and Siggi sees himself as a horse. As for the other two, I’ll say, “ask them yourselves!”

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