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April 21, 2012: Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air. Yesterday the temps were in the 60s. In the morning the road grader went by (repeatedly). I could smell the dirt. You can now hear the birds, see the willows in bloom, and feel the mushy ground underfoot.

The bees arrived yesterday morning -- Pete went and got ours yesterday afternoon. Again, this year we’ll have two hives. We are housing Carniolan queens and Italian subjects. The queens are named Victoria and Anne. I call her subjects the populous.

I like the Carniolans – they are pleasant sorts who seldom sting. I do not like the Italians—they are unpleasant sorts who often sting. I went to take a photo of Pete, who was releasing the bees. I wasn’t wearing The Outfit because I could not take photos while wearing beekeeping hat and gloves.

Pete putting in the bees
Pete putting in the bees

It was 6 p.m. and warm, so the bees were active. Pete dumped one of the containers into a hive and a handful made for me. One hopped onto my head and stung me in the side of the head.

Needless to say, it was like in the cartoons. I ran out of the bee area, arms a waving and yelling things I ought not repeat. I could hear them buzzing, and a few were in my hair.

I went into the house, leaving the uninvited guests outside. Once inside, I pulled the stinger out of my temple. Pete, who came in a few minutes later, looked at the photos with me and said “not bad.”

Signy update: in the words of The Talking Heads “It’s the same as it ever was.”

No foal yet. With increased technological advances, we become less patient. I am now including myself in this lot.

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