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April 22: You are my Sunshine

Today is April 22. The solstice is two months away. This means it will not again be as dark as it is until August 22nd, which is four months away. Four months of daylight until 10:30 p.m., I can readily deal.

Yesterday afternoon it was overcast. Today the sun’s shining brightly. The horses are enjoying the light and the warmth. As is often the case, two are lying in the sun and a third is standing guard. Signy is not in the mix. I now have her in the foaling area most of the time because she’s become food aggressive. If Siggi or Tinni get close, she chases them away. Raudi can still hone in on her food, but is doing so tentatively.

I’m taking Signy for walks twice a day. There have been no major changes in the past few days. I think that she may

have it tonight. If she’s the wise horse that I think she is, she’s been waiting for better weather. Well now, she’s got it. Now the foal won’t land in a slush pile and die of hypothermia. Tonight we might sleep in the back of the truck. This will make getting up easier.

Yesterday Pete went to Anchorage and came home with a nearly-new generator. It has 128 hours on it. Generation Y I call it, as in Y do these things cost so much money? Actually, I had no reservations about our shelling out $3,000.00 for it, although this was money that we were to live on this summer.

In my mind, this generator is a necessity. For the previous two days I’d been taking sponge baths. And for the past ten years we’ve been doing our laundry at the Laundromat. I don’t like doing either.

This generator is gas driven. And there may be a day in which we can no longer afford to run it. I will deal, if and when the time comes.

Propane now costs $5.00 a gallon. We have neighbors who are heating very large houses with this particular fuel. They too will deal when the time comes. Maybe their dwellings will become summer homes.

Yesterday I took Raudi for a ride. I hate to admit it, but at one point I was singing You are my Sunshine at the top of my lungs. Beforehand, I looked to see if anyone was around, but no one was. I’m told I’m tone deaf. I don’t really believe this, but Raudi does. She usually pins her ears back when I break into song, but yesterday she was making little half snorts. I surmised that in her mind, that spring has finally sprung.

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