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November 29, 2022: Cold

It was one degree below zero tonight, when Pete and I came back home from town. Last year, 0˚F was my cut off point. This year, 10˚F is my cut off point. The body does adjust to this, but still . . . I do not like it when in taking off my gloves, my hands immediately get cold. I’m always removing my gloves, for example, to open gate latches and fasten halter buckles.

Ryder and Shadow

It was cold last year at this time – I remember we had the Bright Lights Book Project event at Turkey Red – it was -15˚F that day. One of the volunteers had car problems and she asked Bill, who was the first reader, if he’d go out and (I think) add anti-freeze. He winced, and then did this. Attendance was low because of the cold, too bad, we volunteers put on a really good show.

And the show goes on. Today I continued to sort and categorize books. It is taking me a real long time. I got it figured out though. Maybe I had this figured out before and just didn’t know it. We salvage books at the recycling center. We sort and categorize books at the Meeting House. We store books at U-Haul. This is a very nifty system. It also helps that all the Palmer bookcases are within a one mile radius of the Meeting House.

I grumble because I do need more space. Also, and maybe more importantly, more days in which to get the categorizing done. But today I got to thinking that I’m fortunate to have the space and location.

And I’m fortunate in general, to have this project to work on. Getting a bookstore going would be impractical and perhaps financially draining. Yes, I’d have more than enough quality stock. However, making a profit would be iffy. Far better to have nonprofit status and pay our bills with grant funding. The beauty of this is that we can get books into the hands of appreciative readers while at the same time not having to worry about going bankrupt.

But this is the best part for me. Every day now, I get to handle, and in some cases read, many, many, many books on a wide range of subjects. The subject range, it’s quite varied. One minute I’m holding the Llama Karma Sutra and the next I’m holding Wild Berries.

Yes, the room that work in on the home front is filled with books. I don’t know if I’ll ever read them all. Most likely not. Be careful what you wish for – I’ve been hoping for an earthquake, one that messes up Buffalo Mine Road, meaning that we’d be stuck here for a while, thus affording me the opportunity to stay home and read many, many, many books.

This, of course, includes children’s books. The only drawback that I see is that I am now sadly lacking in time on the home front. I keep hoping for a lull that never seems to come about.

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