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November 1, 2022: What we Talk about when we Talk about Winter

The ground freezes up, it seems, in preparation for winter. The trees shed their leaves and the birds, that is the brightest and the best, head south. Some actually head overseas, and go to Australia for the winter.

It appears as though I’m staying put again this year; if I had my druthers, I’d take all my animals and head south. I would most like to winter over in New Mexico.

Alys and Tyra do agility

To hell with snow, and cold, and wind, and ice.

It is supposed to snow in the next day or so. It IS as if the ground has prepared for this.

So today I took care of project loose ends so that I won’t have to go anywhere in the next few days. A good feeling, to get things done and loose ends tied up.

I went to the Palmer Senior Center and met with those in my reading group. I told them all about Wheels on Ice, and I listened as they all talked about their favorite books. Interesting, everyone was citing differing books ,and yet the conversation was more focused than in the past, when the conversation centered around the month’s book selection.

It actually turned out to be an ideas day for me – as I listened, I drew several Bacon Family cartoons. I’m working on figuring out a way of including these cartoons in my book on abundance. I am going to start working on it in the next few days. Winters are good for this sort of thing.

Today I also working on finding a new bookcase guardian for the books at the Palmer Senior Center. I go in on Tuesdays – I need someone to bring the books out of the storage area on Mondays and then put them back into the storage area on Fridays. No one committed, but a good number of seniors knew about the situation, and I hope one will give an assist.

I next went to the Mat-Su Borough building and checked the small bookcase. It was full. I had some extra time, so I voted. Now I won’t have to stand in line on Tuesday, November 8th. This is going to continue to be a good feeling.

Book sorting and cleaning went well – I had four assistants. We set aside 100 books and markers for Georgie, who is going to put them in bags and then pass them out at the Menard Center on Christmas day. We cleaned an additional 100 or so books, which I later distributed.

Everyone left at 3 p.m. sharp. It was like the school bell rang – time to go. We humans are a lot like rats. It doesn’t take much to program us.

I then did the afternoon distributing, stopping at Palmer Junior Middle School, where I talked with Garth Grover and made arrangements to talk with the school librarian. It’s taking some time, finding places for these bookcases.

Getting dark early, I had to do the distribution and then hurry home, so as to feed hungry animals.

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