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October 6, 2022: Thinking about Thinking

The easiest thing to do these days is to lose what’s most important, which is thinking time. So many are foregoing thinking time, by doing other things, most of which are technologically related. Cell phones and computers and social media are becoming intellectual pacifiers. And most are failing to see this happen.

Thinking forces us to face reality. And sometimes reality can be hard to deal with.

I have been spending a lot of time with the horses, riding and taking care of them.

I think that Tinni thought I was thinking too much.

I most recently figured out that there is a fine line between grief and anger. The two may even share the same neural pathway. I further figured out how to deal and this is by just laying low and allowing myself time to think. I thought about the fact that I’m dismayed with the local horse community, most of whom aren’t

Too much snow

appreciative of Icelandic horses. To most, they seem like ponies, something for the grandkids to appreciate. Some, I guess, enjoy the challenges that go hand-in-hand with feisty horses. Not me, those big reactive animals have no appeal to me.

Today, I got out early and took Hrimmi for a short jaunt on Siggi’s trail. Right now, for her, shorter distances are better – she then has a bit more spark. She’s also in less than average shape. It cleared out my head, riding her. And it felt good to be taking advantage of such a nice day, weather-wise. The leaves are now mostly off the trees, and the sun is now low in the sky most of the time.

Later, Pete and I got Tyra and Raudi out and had an equally good ride. And we took the dogs with us. Pretty soon, we won’t be riding in the late afternoon. Winter is on the far side of the door going heh heh heh.

I’m also dismayed about what’s happening here in the hood.

After the ride, Pete and I walked down to Mike’s old place. It’s now all cleared of junk and ready for whatever construction work is ahead. I am dreading people living there, going back and forth on our road at a good clip, hitting the potholes, going clang clang.

And big changes on the upper road, which is just as much uncertainty as far as what neighbor’s we’ll have up there. I came across a flier today on the bookcase at The Valley Hotel – I hate it when people leave crap there – anyhow, it advertised the big auction that’s going to take place there, this weekend, and listed some of Jim’s possessions.

My fear is that those coming to peruse the auction items will be deadbeat sorts who will consider purchasing the place. The road adjacent to his place (Jim’s Road, formerly Jim’s Trail) has been widened and now seems like it will be ideal for those snowmobilers wanting to access the trails.

We’ll see. Fingers crossed right now that no one will want to purchase it, and that it will be a mild winter.

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