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March 4, 2014: A Day Just Like Any Other Day

I don’t often have days like this, which are days that aren’t very memorable. I guess in this respect, I’ve beaten the odds in this reincarnation. At social gatherings (which for me are far and few between, this because I’m out doing memorable things), I tend to remain quiet. This is because I think that if I talk about the more memorable things that have happened to me, that they’ll then claim that I’m a bull shitter.

But today, ahhh today. It was a day much like in the movie Groundhog Day. I did today what I did yesterday and what I did the day before that. I am now living the same day over and over. I guess that I’m supposed to “get it right” before moving on to another, differing day.

These cyclists (Bjorn and Kim) were in Rohn but headed to Point Hope--about 1000 miles away. The two are hoping to draw attention to the proposed Donlin Gold project

I didn’t get it right today, so tomorrow is most likely going to be much the same. This is because my energy level was low – this may be in part due to the (again) crappy weather. It was overcast and cold.

This morning, I did the morning chores. (Again) watered, fed, picked up manure. (Again) ate oatmeal for breakfast. (Again) fed the dogs. (Again) got the woodstove going. (Again) gravitated in the direction of the Internet and looked at the 2014 Iditarod standings. Seems to me like there’s still a bottleneck in Rohn. The news about the Iditarod has been extremely piecemeal. I have figured out that it’s a very nasty trail, and that many of the mushers are feeling “beat up” by the conditions, or so says Dee Dee Jonrowe, who has scratched. Lots of sleds tipping over, lots of human injuries. The press is not allowed to dwell on dog injuries because the race is public relations for the state. Scare away the tourists and they will go home.

Midmorning, I printed up yet another draft of my proposal and then revising it (AGAIN). Good writer that I am, I could have said to hell with it, but no, I’m revising it and in the next few days will send this resubmission on to the University of Alaska Press.

This afternoon I (again) took Tinni and the dogs out. Then I (again) took Signy and Hrimmi out. The ice patches were exactly the same as yesterday. The trail conditions were exactly the same as yesterday. I was remiss in getting Raudi out – this may be one of the things that I didn’t do right today, meaning that I’ll have to get it right tomorrow. After riding I (again) cleaned up after and watered and fed the horses I then (again) came up to and entered the cabin, (again) did the dishes, (again) put more logs on the fire, (again) fed the dogs, and (again) ate dinner.

Again, I did all the things today that I did yesterday. So will tomorrow bring more of the same? Dunno. I am now going to reread the parts of the book that I read last night. This is because I was half-asleep when I read them last night.

It won’t be a complete loss if the days continue to remain the same because I’m sort of enjoying what I’m doing. On the other hand, I very much want to resume doing things that are . . . memorable.

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