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December 1, 2014: As the Weather Turns

I attempt, in writing these dispatches to come with titles that are all-encompassing. I think that I did a good job tonight with this one, because everything that I’m thinking about saying relates to the turn in the weather.

It’s now been snowing, on and off now, for a few days. This means that winter, and all the things, good and bad, yin and yang, positive and negative, yes and no, right and left, up and down, in and out, that go with it, are here. Opposites attract and repel.

Woke up to see yet another inch of snow on the ground – got up, went to tend to the horses. It was raining/snowing. By the time I went to take Hrimmi for a walk it was snowing/raining. And by the time I went to take Tinni for a ride it was snowing. And by the time I finished taking Raudi for a ride it was again raining/snowing

So I must deal with what hasn’t come yet, but is yet to come. (That’s a brilliant statement.) First of all, snowplows. I thought that one might come barreling down the road, but this didn’t happen. I actually got lucky. It’s hard to deal with them when walking two dogs on a leash and leading a horse. And second of all, snowmobiles. There weren’t any on the trails today. I fear that they are going to find our new trails and tear them to shreds. Then these individuals will later return with their ATVs and really cause some damage. It’s now tree cutting season, so the idiot drivers will be out like flies on shit next weekend.

In the meantime, I had two really wonderful rides. I rode all our trails on both outings. The horses appreciated the fact that it was quiet and that the snow under hoof was soft. Ryder had a hard time with snowballs in her feet. She kept stopping on trails to chew on the undersides of her paws and nearly got run over by Raudi. Had I been riding Hrimmi, she would not have lived to ask for yet another treat.

There was, speaking of Ryder, a huge breakthrough. This was that in coming to the base of Jim’s trail, she caught sight of a passing car. She went to chase it. I called her name, and she came running back. High praise and good treats were her reward. This was huge, because coming back when called when something is moving goes against a border collie’s instincts.

It was starting to get dark at 2:15 p.m. when I got back in the house. I worked for some time on Lessons Twice Learned. The chapter on fear is coming along. I think that what I’m saying, that fear is something that we need to learn to live with, is really astute. Now I just need to find source information that supports what I’m saying.

In a short while I’ll start to revise the competitive trail ride chapter. I’m not sure how this non-arena chapter is going to tie in with all the arena-based chapters. As has everything so far, this will make itself apparent as I revise what I have on hand.

I would like to have a complete draft of Lessons Twice Learned done by the end of next week, which is at the beginning of Pete’s winter break. I will then start to make the connection between the chapters and also fill in the how-to/further research blanks. In my head, I have moments when it all coheres into a single whole. Then it again falls apart.

I’m definitely attempting to take advantage of near 18 hours of darkness a day. 20 days and daylight will again return. I wonder what the birds think about this.

Tomorrow might be a repeat of today. Pete’s been away all day. He will also be away all day tomorrow. Nothing old, nothing new, I must deal with what hasn’t come yet, but is yet to come. That’s a brilliant statement, if I do say so, myself.

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