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November 19, 2014: A Conversation with Hrimfara

Alys: Hrimfara, how are you today?

Hrimfara: Doing just fine, couldn’t be better.

A: You think so?

H: Well, I would like more room to move around.

A: But you get out nearly every day.

H: That’s because Pete ponies me. And when he doesn’t pony me, he takes me for walks.

A: That’s right.

H: Why don’t you let me run free?

A: Because.

H: Because why?

A: Because you might run off. Then we’d never see you again.

H: Nope. I wouldn’t do that.

A: How do we know this?

H: Because there’s hardly any grass to eat out there.

A: But don’t you want to have your freedom?

H: Look, I’m a very smart horse. My dam Signy told me that I was the smartest foal she ever gave birth to. I know where all the food around here is located.

A: Is that so?

H: Yes. Okay. I’ll strike a deal with you. Open all the barn doors. I mean throw them open wide. And open all the enclosure gates. I mean throw them wide open. Then Raudi, Tinni, and I can come and go at our leisure.

A: And then one day one of you would run out into the road and get hit by a car or truck.

H: Nope. We’re all really car savvy.

A: What about this business of you chasing and kicking out at dogs? I love Ryder and don’t want to see her get hurt again.

H: Keep Ryder up at the house. You do this anyways. She doesn’t need her freedom as much as I do.

A: Nope. Can’t chance it.

H: Why are you asking me what I want if you have no intention of complying with my wishes?

A: Because I thought your request would be more realistic.

H: My request is as realistic as a horse’s request ever gets.

A: Request denied. Any others?

H: Well, let’s see. You’re doing fine in keeping the water buckets full. And we all appreciate your dumping the dregs on the ground before refilling the buckets.

A: Thank you.

H: And you’re doing a really good job keeping the manure picked up.

A: What do you think of all the ground and obstacle work that we’ve been doing lately?

H: I have a good idea.

A: You didn’t answer my question.

H: Mine is still a good idea. Listen up.

A: All right. What is it?

H: You’ve been doling out the treats when we do something right. Why don’t you instead dump them all right here? (Paws black rubber food bucket).

A: Request denied. Just like Raudi and Tinni, you also need to work for a day’s wage.

H: How does the song go?

A: Which song?

H: The wage song.

A: Oh that song. It goes “16 tons and what do I get? Another day older and deeper in debt.”

H: Yes, that’s it. I’m going to be three years old on May 5, 2015. Then I’ll be a mare, just like Raudi.

A: Are you looking forward to this?

H: Oh yes, that is if mares get fed more than fillies.

A: They do.

H: Well then, bring it on!

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