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October 2, 2014: Lessons Learned: Riding June Bug Carter aka Blind Moon Chitlin

Right before going on our trail ride, Vickie called and asked if I’d ride June in the evening lesson. Seeing as Pete wasn’t up for taking Raudi and me to Beth’s, I said that I’d be glad to go along. This turned out to be a wise decision. This enabled me to ride, which was something I really wanted to do.

I was initially nervous about riding June, even though I’d done this once before. This was because she was nervous about Hunar being out of sight. There was no time, as there had been with Raudi, to walk her around the arena and further acquaint her with goings on because by the time Vickie and I got to Beth’s, the

lesson was already in session. So I immediately got up on her and joined the fray.

June’s main indication of tension is a raised head, and indeed, it was high up in the air. She’s so petite that I could reach out and touch her ears.

Vickie and Hunar soon entered, and I then fell in behind them. We walked and then trotted the perimeter of the arena. We then trotted the perimeter of the arena and went over poles and an overturned cavalletti. We next went around the perimeter and went over two cross rail jumps. She hesitated when asked to do the latter. I pumped her with my legs, grabbed some mane, and hung on as she popped over both. I was later told that she lifted her little front feet high.

The second time around, June was even more confident. We then watched as the other riders, on their bigger horses, went over some larger jumps. I finally suggested to Vickie that she go over some jumps on June, which she did. After doing some cross rails, she took her over a cross rail, a vertical jump, and then three jumps in a row – another cross rail, a vertical board, and a, gulp, double oxer. June wasn’t the polished show jumper that Hunar has become – but she clearly showed that she has a great deal of potential.

June and my grande finale was this – I told Vickie that I wanted to trot June around the perimeter of the arena in order to see how she might do when asked to leave her buddy Hunar. She did just fine – and I got her to trot in a willing and sustained fashion. I don’t think that anyone noticed – didn’t matter – in my mind it was the best way to end the lesson.
After, I spoke briefly with Beth about my idea which is to get certified Centered Riding training so that I might instruct other riders. Beth said that this was a wonderful idea and added that there’s a real need for beginning level instruction in our our area. She then added that she’d support my endeavor and that I could teach at her place. It seemed to me as we were talking like the wheels in her head were turning. So, this is what I am going to do. I am now waiting to hear back from a certified centered riding instructor, that is one that was referred to me by my friend Pam who lives in Washington state.

I don’t need an equine facility to do this. I’m pushing hard on the career door and hoping that it opens wide for me.

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