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May 27, 2014: Runaway Horse

Last night, I took Tinni and Hrimm out. This was after returning home from the Eklutna Lake adventure. It was a beautiful day, a bit hazy still, but as I thought, why not? Both horses were cooperative in getting to the trail, which we did in short order.

I meandered along, bushwhacked, hoping to make a cutoff trail over to what we call Peaches’ trail. I was up on Suicide Hill when I noticed that Hrimmi was not with Tinni and I, as was evidenced by the quietude -- there was no sound of thrashing through the brush, and no distant whinny. These are signs that she’s seeking us out.

I continued on, then after a bit doubled back. I did a few side trails along the way, but saw no sign of her.

I began thinking the way the way people do when they lose their dogs, meaning I’d have to put up lost horse posters, and get a posse out in the Moose Range. The thought that followed these two was that Hrimmi might be near impossible to find, given that the area she was in is so vast. And I put out of my mind the thought that area hunters might do her in.

I returned to the trail head, because this is where she always goes and waits for us. Hrimmi wasn’t there. I tried to squelch my fear that she was really lost as I headed home.

Minutes later, I came across Pete and Jenna. I knew when I saw the pair that she’d made it home; otherwise, Pete, who was making dinner, would not be heading in my direction. Sure enough, Pete told me that Hrimmi was back in the enclosure.

The story he told went like this: Hrimmi had gone back to the road and chased our neighbor Craig’s truck up Murphy and down Oceanview Road. Go figure. Craig hopped out of his vehicle and attempted to lead her up our driveway, but she refused to follow him. So he whistled for Pete who came and got her.

I was relieved to hear that she was safe. Hrimmi is a very special horse and I’d hate to have lost her for any length of time. I am going to continue to take her out on our daily trail rides because it gives me great joy to see her racing along the trails and crashing through the brush.

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