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April 24, 2014: Horse Care: Hardship and Hrimmi

Later today, we’ll trailer Hrimmi over to the Rockin H, in hopes that Dr. Wellington might determine the exact cause of her being short strided. Both Pete and I initially thought that the source of the problem (which materialized a week ago) was shoulder related because there has been quivering in that area. In addition, she’s been putting weight on both legs. She’s also been head bobbing. Then we got to thinking that the injury might be knee-related, since it did feel just a slight bit puffy.

Of course, we have no clue as to how this happened. It could have happened

Signy with a newborn Hrimmi

when I was ponying her through the driveway gate – Pete said that he thought that she bumped up against it. Or it might have happened when one of the other horses bumped up against her. Or it might have happened when we were out on the trail. Maybe she pulled something coming down a hill. There’s really no way of knowing.

Hrimmi has gotten a bit better – we haven’t seen any quivering now in three days. This made the decision as to whether or not to take her to the Rocking H a tough call. We finally let Dr. Wellington have the final say. We’d sent him a video—after looking at it, he said to bring her in. So this is what we are going to do.

I have kept from fretting about this by both keeping a close eye on Hrimmi and at the same time, hoping for the best. On the more positive side, my thinking was/is that if Hrimmi is really hurting, that Dr. Wellington would come here rather than have us risk hurting her further by transporting her. He’s also now very pressed for time, so much so that he’s having his patients come to him rather than vice-versa. At the same time, he may want to take a look at her,  just to make sure nothing is wrong.

However, my quasi upbeat attitude did a nosedive last night, when I considered my next day’s schedule, and realized that we were heading to the Rockin H. It was then that I began considering the what ifs – for instance say, what if Hrimmi needs surgery, which we can’t afford? Or what if we take the risk and have surgery, knowing that after she might be permanently lame? Or what if she has a chronic condition for which nothing at all can be done? Or what if something is majorly amiss and she needs specialized surgery? How would we get her to a top of the line surgical center in the Lower 48?

Quite clearly, this dispatch is hardship related. Furthermore, it’s indicative of the fact that I’m agonizing about something, which is something with an unforeseeable outcome. Pete and I both love Hrimmi, even more so since Signy died. She’s her mother’s daughter for sure. She has Signy’s face – the wide nostrils, the straight forehead, the kind look in her eye. She’s also got the disposition of a fearless steady eddy horse. She’s one that, in two years’ time, like her dam, will inspire confidence in her rider.

Hardship. It sells. I wish it didn’t. I had planned this morning to write a dispatch entitled Spring Cleaning, Part II – the Outhouse. And this was to be followed by a dispatch about my deciding to join the Church of Dog. However, I can’t think about, much less write about any of this until we find out what’s up with Hrimmi.

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