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April 1, 2013: Giddy up

I’ve been working inside all morning, and it’s been quite difficult, in fact somewhat agonizing. I’ve had to pretend like I’ve been tied to my seat. If I was any more antsy, I would have to tie me to my seat. We’re talking chair, not a saddle. I don’t have to be tied to a saddle; in fact, I have the opposite problem there. Sometimes it’s hard to pry me off. Particularly on days like this.

In a bit, I will go outside, tend to the horses, and go for a ride. Spring has arrived. It’s now the onset of breakup. Puddles are forming, and the ice and snow in and around the pen is getting softer. Soon, very soon, I’ll be moving

It's now quite light at 9:00 PM

water around. For some strange reason, I like doing this. If the weather holds, we’ll dig out the pipe into which the water from the spillway drains. (The water from the pen drains into the spillway.) Once the water starts to run, spring will officially be here. We didn’t start a fire in the woodstove this morning—this is another sign of spring, as is giving the horses and goats the water that’s in the tanks—this as opposed to heating it on the woodstove and lugging it down to the pen.

My latest indoor project is going to be put on hold. This was to re-organize my inside writing area. I am soon to work on cleaning my tack room and sort through my gear. Gotta see what we have on hand for our upcoming trip.

It feels to me like it was a long winter; although it really wasn’t all that long. The snow arrived later than usual. I’m now glad that I worked so hard on indoor stuff this winter. I’m about done with my two proposals. Today I revised Chapter One of Material Matters, my book about the realities that go hand-in-hand with attempting two divergent activities: writing essays and turning compost. I’m tired of working on this chapter, so it must be near done. No, it must be done. Done is done. This is a rallying cry of sorts.

After considerable thought, I came up with an even better rallying cry. Larry the Cable Guy’s rallying cry is “git ‘er done.” Mine is Giddy Up. I like it. Giddy means overly happy. And up is where you go once you have bottomed out. It’s short, simple, sweet, and to the point. My horses don’t know giddy up – I’m going to have to teach them this. It’s also the rallying cry of my biographer, Christopher Benson.

The roads are also no longer iced up, except in places that can easily be skirted. Yesterday, Pete and I went for an Easter day ride. Pete rode Siggi and ponied Raudi. And I started out riding Signy. Raudi was full of herself, so at the halfway point I took the saddle off of Signy, put it on her, and rode her.

It was on the home stretch that I had this idea. I had Pete go ahead with the other two horses. I stopped Raudi and waited a bit. Then I had her trot up to them. She was initially evasive, wanting to canter or pace instead of trot. But I stopped her when she went into the wrong gait. She caught on quickly because she’s a very smart horse.

So, I feel like I’m moving forward as a writer. And Raudi and I are moving forward as horse and rider. I could of course be overly optimistic. Time will tell. Time now to get outside and play.

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