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March 23, 2013: Late Winter or Early Spring Storm?

Yes, this is what we’re wondering – is this a late winter or early spring storm? I think it’s the latter. Even though it’s overcast, it feels like at any minute that the sun will break through the clouds. Any minute. Fingers tap out a rhythm on the desk. Dum dee dum dee dum de dum. . . .

I thought this would clear up by this afternoon. I thought wrong. Still, Pete and I decided to take Siggi and Tinni for a walk around the loop. The plow had been by. It had scraped the snow down to the ice, making for slippery going. Tinni and I walked behind Siggi and Pete. Siggi slipped a bit – his legs again seemed to me to be rubber like. He always in such instances regains his balance. He went down on ice in the past, so he knows to be careful.

I said that he and Pete had bonded, even more so than Raudi and I, and he

snorted. Smart fellow. Pete has said that Siggi, who has crooked legs, is one with the universe, meaning the universe is crooked.

It may still be snowing, but the shedding season is now upon us. Tinni is always the front-runner – he always blows his coat ahead of the rest. For two weeks or so it will come out in sheets when I go at it with the shedding blade. If I’m not in a hurry, it’s a very satisfying endeavor. I stand in the warm sun, scrape, and let the hair fall into piles at the horses’ feet. I leave it for a bit because the birds use it to build their nests. Imagine all the trips they must make. I’ve been seeing redpolls in the yard and enclosure.

Signy, Siggi, and Hrimmi are just starting to shed. Raudi who has the shortest coat of all, will shed last and least.

I’m very curious to see what Hrimmi’s under coat will be like. Her outer coat is a thick pelt – you can bury your fingers in it. This pelt came in shortly after she shed her foal coat, so I’m not quite sure what’s underneath. She has some frosty white patches mixed in with the brown, making her name, Hrimfara or Frosty Traveler, that much more apt. Having less coat is probably going to make her appear more horse- than pony-like. Now we really do have five horses. . . .

I’m eager for breakup to occur. I’m getting tired of having to root around in snow for manure piles. This is not a complaint, but rather, a statement of fact. I’m also looking forward to having the snow in the pen turn to water. I enjoy moving water around, and making channels.

I can’t ride because of the ice. So I’m taking care of inside stuff. I’ve been working on my proposal about making the connection between writing and making compost. It’s coming along. I’ve also been continuing with the spring cleaning adventure. Got a new printer. I write multiple drafts of things, so now I can do a better job.

The phone just rang. It’s Vicki, saying that Pete’s new truck is here. Time to wrap it up and go and check this out.

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