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February 27, 2013: Lost and Found

Late this afternoon, I first took Siggi an Tinni for a walk, and then I took Raudi, Signy, and Hrimmi for a walk. It was overcast at 6 p.m., the sky near Hatcher Pass Wedgewood blue. It was a bit breezy, temperatures in the low 30s. Good walking weather.

I felt (as I twice went around the loop) very connected to the horses. Yes, this is the phrase that I’ve been searching for. It best describes how it’s been lately, with them all. At first I wasn’t up for going out at all, but I did it because they and I need exercise, and I want to maintain the connection.

I also needed some time to think. Get too busy, and that’s the first thing that goes out the window. As I walked, I thought about today, and things being lost and things being found. At midmorning today I ventured to Wasilla to have lunch with my friend Dawn Brunke. I lost considerable time because I could not find where we were to meet, the Burgundy Horse Bistro.

So I stopped at the Moose Tracks Coffee Shop and asked the counter clerk if she knew where the Red Horse Bistro was. She gave me a blank look, and then said that she didn’t know what a bistro was. I badly wanted to tell her that she was in the wrong line of work. But I didn’t. I’d like to think that she’s an inquisitive individual, and attempts to find this out. But, most likely, she’ll butt heads with this work 3-4 more times today.

After driving around for another fifteen minutes, I found the place. I had a really nice lunch with Dawn, and then visited with Melanie and Wendy, two old friends who were, when Dawn was leaving, just sitting down for lunch. This was found time, time well spent. Afterwards, I hurried home, so as to feed hungry animals. As I went to get out of the truck, I realized that I didn’t have my camera.

I went inside and looked around. No camera materialized. I then called the bistro. Nope, I was told no camera had been turned in. So I did yet another search, all the while thinking about what a loss it would be, to have parted company with this particular camera. It’s small, takes good photos. I’m very fond of it. And the bag held my three lenses. I then searched the same places, repeatedly, for over an hour.

Finally, on my third trip back to the main cabin, it occurred to me that the camera might be in my writing cabin, since I went in there this morning to get some books for Dawn, her daughter Alyeska, and her husband Bob. Bingo, there the camera bag was, right where I’d left it.

I had felt near immobilized when I thought I’d lost this item. I was unable, for at least an hour, to do anything besides look for it. Once found, I was able to go for a walk with the horses. (It was by then too late to ride.) The question is: would I have felt as connected with the horses if I’d gone for a walk, well knowing that my camera was missing? The answer is yes. This is because by then I would have acknowledged that the camera loss was a done deal.

I am going to put a card with my name and address in the pocket of my camera bag, just in case I really do lose it.

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